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Apple Music is a music streaming service that lets you listen to songs on iTunes; Not long ago, there were rumors that Apple Music would be available to Android users through the Google Play Store, and we remember the excitement that this news created. Thus, Apple Music is the second Apple application to be provided to Android users. Remarkable about the Apple Music app is its compatibility with the Android design language, and in simpler terms, Apple has made changes to it to convey a sense of its use in the Android operating system to the user; Of course, it is not bad to know that according to the recent statements of Tim Cook, the Cook Music team of Apple Music has almost 6.5 million users so far, and therefore, the release of the Android version will undoubtedly increase this number significantly.



Some features of Apple Music Android app:
Start a quarterly trial of playing over 30 million songs in the Apple catalog.
✤ Receive selected offers by musicologists according to your favorite music
✤ New: Browse and play the latest, best and newest songs available
✤ Radio: Become a unique music, interview and radio station created on Beat 1 or radio stations created by our editors.
✤ Communication: Take a deeper look at the work of your favorite artists. An inspiring and universal source with photos, music and videos.
✤ Playlist: Keep a playlist of all your favorite Apple songs with your own mixes.
My Music: Find all your purchased iTunes and saved songs from Apple music in one place.
✤ The capabilities and features of this app may differ in different countries

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