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Auto ADD Telegram Member

✅ Daily ADD Members
✅ Mixed Members [ 20-40% Drop ]
✅ Bonus : 5 Day

Attention (Gift) : 1 Time Free view on 100 Last Post
Attention : 20% bonus if you pay with or Perfect Money

✔️ Complementary Services : Auto Post view


Auto Member ADD

Auto telegram member adder Service and Increasing Telegram channel membership,  has always been one of the most important tasks of Telegram channels and groups, and that is why we provide these services.

As the name implies Member Add Service, this service is the daily addition of members to the channel. So, this means that members are not added to your channel at once.
In other services, for example, if you buy 50,000 members, we will add all 50,000 members to your channel.
But in this method, you buy the specified number of daily, and we add the same number to your channel


The Benefits of Adding Members Daily

In this way, your channel follows the daily and natural growth, and the members gradually enter your channel, which makes your members last longer.


Daily Members Schedule

There is a possibility that the time of adding members is coordinated, with the time of placing the attractive post on the channel. So, that when the members enter, they will be acquainted with the attractiveness of the subject of your channel.


Speed of Adding Daily Members

Daily members are added to the channel at a certain time. That, have a gentle speed with the channel, which results in a gradual increase in members.


Automatic Telegram Post Views

You can use Buy Channel Views or Automatic Post Views


This can help you increase your telegram channel post views automatically as your membership increases.


Additional information


500 Member Daily [ 30 Days ], 1000 Member Daily [ 30 Days ], 2000 Member Daily [ 30 Days ], 5000 Member Daily [ 30 Days ]