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Telegram Group Members

Telegram Group Members

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Buy Telegram Group Members

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Virtual members of the group are inactive manually created accounts, this service is for raising members but these members will not be active in your group.


Become the strongest group!

Inactive members of the telegram group can one day make you the most powerful group in your field, these members are offline and have no activity in your group and only increase the number of your members


Buy Fake Telegram Group Members
Buy Fake Telegram Group Members, Group Fake users


One of the contests in telegram groups is the high number of members. But, recruiting a member to the telegram is not easy. Takes a long time and the way we suggest you is to use a fake group member. They are members of fake accounts that are manually created and redirected to your group.

This is done at a very low cost and you can grow your group very quickly.


Why we must buy a fake group member?

An inactive member of the telegram group, helps you grow your members faster. In fact, these accounts are manually created and have no activity. They are only in your group to show the number of your members.

Certainly the more members a group has, the more formal it will be

קבוצת ממברנה טלגרם במחיר הנמוך ביותר


update :


The speed of increasing the membership has tripled and this is a special advantage for you.


Group member FAQs:

What are fake group members?
These members are completely fake and have no identity and are only to increase the number of group members.

Fake group members features?
Fake members are on 2 issues. The first is that they have no activity and the second is that they have a very low rate of fall.

Why use fake group members?
These members used only to increase membership and credibility of the group and have no other use.

Prices of fake group members?
Fake members of the group are very cheap compared to real members. So, the group can be increased at a low cost.

579 reviews for Telegram Group Members

  1. misac

    This method is affordable But after a month, I lost about 20% of my members, why my users declined

    • Saeid Sabery

      its compltly Normal
      The telegram removes some unrealistic members after a while

  2. test6667

    what about real group members ?

  3. miladazimi

    how dose long to receive member after payment ?

    • Saeid Sabery

      1 minute to 6 hours !

  4. niiirooi

    Recive very fast

  5. giboli

    Will the fake member be removed after a while?

  6. PrinceMakwana

    I Love This Site . I have Never Thought That’s It Is True, But
    After Purchasing I Get My Members Really. I Am So Happy,
    Thank You So Much . Really It’s Good And Working Site
    So Shop Your Members Now. Its Delevier Fastly. Really
    Love It.

  7. Ravirao

    Nice product it will grow your telegram channel
    You can trust in the website because I got many member fast & easy.
    Nice website I always give it 5 star
    Thank you website.

  8. mosibur

    It’s Aweosme To Get Members

  9. alibobiranian

    this program is amazing i recommend for use it

  10. Macc Tony

    Nice product it will grow your telegram channel with members joining all the time
    You can trust in the website they are real

  11. maccromwell

    Nice website I always give it 5 star
    Thank you website.

  12. Rita89

    I gained group members in few minutes, nice product! You deserve 5 star review for this service

  13. arifandiwahyu

    Will the fake member be removed after a while?

  14. maso1313

    Buy Telegram Fake Group Members
    just wanna say i appreciate to all admins of this site it not a fake website and lie to members i thank you for styling on your words

  15. kamo

    Nice job all peoples are need those website trust and safe its my chosse one website and i got 60k member thanks

  16. Pyer74

    Congratulations great service I recommend it to everyone, thanks for all!

  17. reben100

    the real member are not leave in those channel ? thank you

    • Saeid Sabery

      about 15%
      Pls Read Descryption

  18. Nona

    I appreciate this site and all the work the have done and all the work the will do in the future as well

  19. Nexofxpro

    I don’t know Who is owner this site but i know he is very good person and any one can get very good feedback from this sites service

  20. martay

    My second time buying – service works very well and Telegram subscribers are added very quickly.

  21. Amirpouyafm

    Just thanks your team best way for every thing . You can do what ever one human needed love youuu

  22. Sultan

    reviews for Automatic Telegram Channel Views
    it’s useful website and help me a lot for take care of my channel

  23. usama72

    Very fast delivery get members

  24. minamalek1378

    They have good speed in adding members

  25. Barthos17

    Si vous voulez vraiment avoir beaucoup de membre et donc attirer de la clientèle je vois conseil ce service la. Il vous aide dans votre quête.

  26. maso1313

    Buy Targeted Telegram Members [ Business Plan ]
    hi to all user of this honest website
    it’s everything true and working well
    i thank a lot

  27. usama72

    hi. everybody
    this website have real words if said any do it
    I love this website .. this website give subcribers instant .I love it ..Great making

  28. masood2255

    this is the best service ever to grow your telegram channel

  29. Morteza

    Fake member is good

  30. ivetrading

    Wow very sort time i will get real members in my telegram channel

  31. randuliyamate

    I Started A group but people think less members group does not join group
    Then I Buy group Members from this site I gets lots of very Fast.

  32. SalvoWise

    Best service for group members! Price is affordable and very fast. I’ve already spread this site to my friends

  33. raj00001

    Best than ever.. Real one for increasing subscribers

  34. JACKSON17

    Best service for group members! Price is affordable I LIKE IT

  35. mehdi

    Group members
    it will grow your telegram channel
    You can trust in the website because I got many member fast & easy.
    Nice website I always give it 5 star
    Thank you website.

  36. raj00001

    I am loving it, price is affordable and really fast service.. This site is really good to increase fast member to groups and channel.. I loved it at all than any other.

  37. Divus72

    This product is awesome like the others… also working, i think i´ll try all of them !

  38. mb2800317

    I bought Fake Telegram Group Members It’s really fast and great , I used their services and now I’m fully satisfied.
    I hope you will use this kind of services

  39. Christian_108

    Wow! It really works, great site for this kind of thing, I highly recommend it!

  40. MrSix

    For Telegram is the best!

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