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Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers

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✅️️️️ Channel and Groups

✅️️️️ 100% Legit and Safe
✅️️️️ Drop Rate : [Low Drop » 30-50%]
✅️️️️ [we Send some More member and Bonus For Compensation DropRate]
✅️️️️ Speed : [Super Fast]

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Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers is one of our services that you can use to extend your channel subscribers, It’s always true that people pay a lot of attention to the number of channel members and this way you can virtualize your channel members so you can validate your channel.

The Fake Service is currently very popular because of the low member loss in this method [ Fastest Speed inn the World]


buy fake telegram members
Fake Telegram Channel Subscribers


Why increase the number of members with a virtual member?
Fake member has lower leaver ratio and is a good way for you, a real member needs to buy again to offset channel members loss

How is a virtual member added to our channel?
This is done by our advanced system and in this way, manually created and inactive accounts enter your channel.

Is a virtual member leaving the channel?
Virtual members are only controlled by us but you lose 20% of the users because the telegram always identifies and removes some virtual members.

Add fake member to Telegram channel

Currently, Cibu is the best service for adding low-pass and low-pass accounts


Buy Fake Telegram Members


Buy Fake Telegram users [Fake Channel Subscribers]
Now is the time to push your channel members ahead of your competitors, Telegram is the best place to go, but you definitely need our advanced services to grow and grow.

Virtual member of telegram is one of the most popular telegram services due to low member loss.

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Why are fake channel members important?

In this service, we use members who have a low percentage of falls, and it is very important for your startup to have a stable and non-Drop member.

Virtual Member Service is currently active and ready to serve up to 50,000 members


What is a telegram fake member adder?

On the Internet, you can see that the program is being sold to you to automatically add members to Telegram, but this is not true, and I do not recommend using it.


Telegram fake member software

In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all program, and all of Telegram’s fake member programs are made in person. Because, of the many changes that need to be made, Telegram occasionally blocks methods and the people who created the program. And they need to update, that’s why the programs are exclusive


Telegram fake member adder API

Soon we are going to create an API for people who want to work as a salesperson. By connecting to our service, we can automatically receive orders.


Fake member telegram bot

Adding fake members to the Telegram channel or group will be done by Cibu bot as soon as possible, which is a competitive advantage in terms of speed and number that can be ordered.

fake telegram member
Fake telegram subscribers


News and Update:  2022

  • Due to the new restrictions, it is not possible to increase the actual members to more than 10,000 members, and for this reason, we place orders of more than 5,000 members as a mix (fake and real).
  • Our team has decided to give you 10% more members for free in this system So for example if you normally buy 1000 members you will eventually get 1100 members.


Fake member FAQs:

What exactly is a Fake member?
There are members who are made by people and will not have any activities and only have names.

The reason for using fake members?
This method is very popular due to the Fake of the members and the low drop

Is this method safe?
Yes, we use completely safe and legal methods to increase your channel membership in this way

What is the price of Fake members?
The price of this service starts from $1 and you can get up to 20,000 members

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