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The Telegram channel is a digital medium. The audience of a digital media, like the audience of any other media, continues to pursue that media if it feels that the media is being managed in an orderly and purposeful manner and can add value to it.

Disseminating content in a chronological order changes the audience’s perception of the purposefulness and programmability of your media and stops them from following it.

Try to plan and stick to a specific schedule for publishing content on your channel. Excessive content distribution, in addition to disturbing the audience, can cause you to not be consistent, and on the other hand, publishing too long intervals discourages the audience from following your channel. Try to publish at least one article on your channel a day.

It is best to schedule your content accurately and publish it at specific times of the day, using software that submits scheduled content to the channel, such as Telegram or Editorial. This will make your audience more accustomed to publishing at that particular time and increase their loyalty to your channel.

In the Digital Marketing Toolbox, we publish our posts every day at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., using the editorial platform. The number of posts may change in the future, but we will try to continue the order we have started.

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