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Regarding the sport of golf, it can be said that the first beginning of golf was from Scotland. The Scots have been interested in the sport since time immemorial and have played for the club, of which all players are members. Golf has been played today since the 15th century, with small, white golf balls being pushed to the ground with a special stick to fall into a hole in the grass.


In fact, the first signs of the sport were seen during the reign of King James II (Scotland), who in 1457 banned football and golf. James believed that by playing these games, the Scottish Army archers would be out of combat readiness.

In 1471 and 1491, King James III and IV, respectively, extended the Sanctions Act. But golf This interesting game continued in various forms in Scotland and the surrounding countries, until in 1744 the first official rules of the sport were written in Edinburgh, and after that any amateur golfer could rely on those rules. Pay attention to his favorite sport.

The world’s first golf club was founded in 1754 in St Andrews, Scotland, and golf has been played in Iran since 1924.

While many Scots claim that golf has spread from their home country across Europe, there is evidence that the ball and grass were first played in France, Germany and Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium!

In 14th-century Germany, the sport was often played mostly on ice, and, like golf on the grass, was driven from point A to point B with a special stick to the ball.

The Germans and the Scots were both partners in the sport, and the word golf came from a combination of the Scottish and German words, which, due to the great interest of the Scots in playing the game, spread over the years to the belief that Scots Have been the inventors of this game. Of course, the Scots played on grass instead of ice.

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