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The most important strategy in introverted marketing is content production and dissemination. The story is more or less the same in Telegram. Your most important job as a channel manager is to produce content that engages your audience and allows them to share your content on other channels and groups, thereby attracting more audiences to your channel.

The important question is what content can be considered quality content. The answer to this question is not easy. The type and format of content that is attractive to users are different in different channels with different topics and audiences, and it is not easy to make a general judgment and consider one content format better than others.

However, a few points seem to be generalized in most context terms:

The first point about textual content, try not to make your content long and if it is long, do not exceed the maximum size of the phone. To do this, you can check your text posts on your mobile phone before sending, and if it was longer than allowed, try to shorten it.

Second point As you can see in the figure below, according to a survey conducted by BuzzSumo, infographics seem to be more republishable than other types of content. So although the cost of producing infographics is higher than most content formats, try to put infographic production on your agenda.

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