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Channel member adder

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The telegram allows users to build their own channel. A channel is actually a place where the creator sends specific posts, and channel members will only be able to view and review those posts, Of course, the use of complementary features such as polling, liking or disliking posts by channel members, etc. can also be considered by the admin for telegram channel posts.

Telegram channels are structured in two different types. The first group is called Public Channels and the second is known as Private Channels.

How many members can the telegram channel have?

The Telegram on its official FAQ page indicated that there was no limit to the number of members of the telegram channel. So telegram channels can accommodate countless members.

Telegram Channel Features :

  • Ability to send text, photos, videos, audio files, etc.
  • Ability to manage channels through multiple accounts
  • View member list and channel number
  • View the number of views of every post on the channel and anywhere outside the channel
  • Ability to retrieve any content by member users
  • Attract new members via ID or channel link
  • Unlimited memberships in the channel
  • Ability to add telegram robot as channel manager
  • Ability to create a private or public channel

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