How To Buy Members with Gram Coin

How To Buy Members with Gram Coin

Buy Digital Marketing Services with Gram Coin

Gram is a digital queen of the Global Telegram Open Network Project.

Gram will have an innovative platform through which it can unimaginably reach today’s standards and perform one million transactions per second.

Note that this token has not been released yet. That is, it is not possible to transfer or sell gram off-site currency exchanges and in fact some exchanges are reselling it. According to the developers of the exchange, one million tokens will be sold at this stage and the harvest will be activated one hour after the launch of the TON network.

Buy Telegram Members with Gram Coin
Buy Telegram Members with Gram Coin

As a digital marketing service provider, Cibu has approved gram currency payments in its plans and as soon as your TON network is activated you can make your purchases through Gram


Is it possible to pay in gram currency?
Once your TON network is activated, you can pay for your purchases in grams

What are the benefits of paying in gram currency?
If you make your purchase in gram, 10% will be awarded on gift orders

Is Gram Payments Safe?
Payment is made through the secure wallet and the payment method is fully approved