Convert group to supergroup in Telegram

Convert group to supergroup in Telegram

Upgrading the telegram group to the supergroup in the latest Telegram version

The telegram groups are divided into two groups of ordinary groups with up to 200 members with limited facilities and the second group of supercomputers with 200,000 members and all facilities. Normal groups can upgrade to supergroups, but it is not possible to revert to the normal group after supergroups.

In the latest update, the telegram has been quite different from the way the supergroups were done and cannot be clearly defined.

In older versions we could convert a regular group to a supergroup using the Convert to supergroup option. We’ve already discussed in this tutorial »Converting a regular group to a supergroup in older versions

But in newer versions this option has been removed and only the following tricks can be upgraded to the supergroup.

Note : that this trick is one of the ways to upgrade to the supergroup in the new telegram version!

If you enable one of the supergroup capabilities, the group will automatically upgrade to the supergroup, Here we look at one way.

How to upgrade a regular group to a supergroup in the new telegram update:

Enter the group first and tap on the group name to enter the group info page.
1: You must be the creator of the band!
2: Then, on the top right, tap on the “pencil” shape.
3: After clicking on the pencil, you will be taken to a page where you can select Chat history for new members and Click on the Visible option here.
4: Check the top right to save the settings you applied.
After performing the above steps, the group will be automatically upgraded to the supergroup.

Attention :
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