Customer attraction training in Telegram

In the previous article, we talked about social media marketing (SMM) and the importance of using it in business development. In order to implement SMM, you must first consider the following:

  • You should choose the platform according to your goals and type of business.
  • Your goals for social media marketing need to be clearly defined.
  • The amount of money and expense you plan to invest in must be determined before you begin.
  • You need to know who your customers are.

Therefore, you will need to do some research before implementing social media marketing. For example, in one study, you have to decide which social networks your customers and audiences are most active on. In the following, we examine the media used by Iranian businesses and how advertising is done by these platforms:

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Telegram attraction

Telegram is a popular media among Iranian users, which is used for chatting and sharing text, photos, videos, gifs, motion graphics and video marketing , etc. In addition to the general use of this social media, some use it to generate revenue, advertising and marketing, and to introduce and sell the product. In one of the most recent published reports, the amount of income earned through advertising on popular telegram channels is estimated at 30 million Tomans. This figure can make anyone who owns a business think about using this social network optimally and effectively. According to statistics, more than 10 billion messages are exchanged daily between users in Telegram. Telegram provides various facilities for users and this is one of the reasons for its popularity and the increasing use of this program by cibu.

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This statistic shows the great importance of Telegram in marketing. In this social program, there are users from different walks of life and at different ages, which makes it very profitable to use it for advertising and marketing. One of the key to success in telegram marketing is the type of content that is very important for marketing. There are several ways to do marketing in Telegram, which are mentioned below:

Create a telegram channel

One of the best places to advertise services and products are Telegram channels. One of the advantages of creating a telegram channel is that there is no limit on the number of members. Another feature that Telegram has provided to users is the employment of several admins for a Telegram channel, which increases the speed of content and advertising on the channel. It is also possible to see the number of views of each post in Telegram, which helps to better manage and analyze your channel and the direction of your advertising activity.

Advertising, marketing and customer acquisition in Telegram

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telegram learning

Use popular channels for advertising.

Publishing a banner that has engaging and relevant content in groups and channels with high members will help attract your audience to your channel. Your banner ad content should be short, interesting and representative of your business. Note that there is a CTA button in your banner that you can easily put the link of Telegram channel, site address, Instagram and. In it. Advertising on any telegram channel will not have a significant result for you; Channels with more than 20,000 members can be effective in your advertising. The subtle point to note in the meantime is that the type of audience of a channel is always more important than its number for advertising. For example, if you want to sell ball gowns, using a popular science news channel will not work for you.

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Use of introduction channels in Telegram

One of the most effective ways to promote your channel is to use referral channels. There are channels in Telegram that are used only to introduce and place banners of channels and groups. People join these referral channels to find the channel they are looking for. If you want your banner ad to stay on these channels for a longer period of time, you have to pay more.

Link Exchange

Connect with the admins of other Telegram channels and place each other’s banner ads on your channel to attract more audience. Try to use channels related to your business topic to exchange links.

Use your website to advertise your Telegram channel.

If you have created a site for your business, share your telegram channel to provide a good way for your customers to communicate in this popular application. This will greatly increase the number of members of your channel.

Put your channel address below all posts.

Since it is possible for your channel posts to be shared by your audience, including your channel’s telegram address in all posts will attract a lot of people.