User Drop Rate Control in Telegram

User Drop Rate Control in Telegram

Fast members leaving controll

One of the issues these days telegram administrators have after purchasing telegram services is the percentage of members leaving the channel or group of telegrams.

In general, there is no way for a telegram to get members out
Even fake members have a reduced percentage (not due to channel exit due to telegram deletion of inactive accounts)

The telegram has no way of killing its members. Beware of crooks

Here are some ways to keep your channel number fixed

Given that definitely all methods have a member exit percentage, my first way is to refill

Most of our professional clients try to make small refills after each purchase, Suppose, for example, if 10k members buy in, they will order 1k of redemptions 6 hour after the order is completed.

And I suggest using inactive members to refill [ offline telegram members ]
Because inactive members enter the channel at low speeds, this will control your channel or group.

This is the best and only way to control the channel and the group and there is definitely no other way

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