Ways to grow fast in Telegram

Ways to grow fast in Telegram

Creating a channel in a telegram is a very easy task, and anyone can create multiple channels in a telegram. Posting on the channel and providing content for the channel is not a difficult task, and everyone can handle it. the hard work begins where we want to expand our telegram channel. Essentially the most important question for any telegram channel administrator is: How do we increase the number of our telegram channel?

Make sure you know when you create your channel and have no members. The telegram allows you to add the first 3 people to your channel with the numbers of friends and acquaintances you have on your channel. How to Increase Telegram Channel Members There are some simple solutions, many of which are free.

So it must be admitted that after the creation of a telegram channel the first and foremost concern of channel managers is to increase the number of users and actual user of their channel. Needless to say, the higher the number of subscribers to a telegram channel, the greater the credibility, popularity, and success of that channel, and the greater the popularity of the telegram users. Consider, for example, a business-oriented channel (for example, selling products on a telegram). The more member there are, the easier it is for sales and marketing to become a manager with less energy. So it can be concluded that for telegram channels like other media, the number of channel members is very important and in principle the telegram business.

It is also important to note that sometimes for a variety of reasons, downsizing or downsizing can occur, which is certainly preventable for experienced executives and channels that publish valuable content. So in addition to attracting members to the channels, maintaining and retaining users and actually creating loyalty to the members is also an important challenge for administrators and leaving or so-called channel members can waste a great deal of time, energy and time on the channel manager. In this post we are trying to explain to you the most important and most common ways to increase member telegram channels.

How can I get a free subscribers to the Telegram Channel?
How can I get a free subscribers to the Telegram Channel?

How can I get a free subscriber to the Telegram Channel?

To do this, first enter the channel you created. Then click on the title or logo, image or channel name registered in the telegram. Click the Members option when the popup settings window opens. On this page, you can link up to 200 people directly to the channel by clicking the Add users link. After 200 people you should send invite or juvenile link to others.
This is all the more important when a channel manager is restricted in adding contacts in this way and cannot exceed 200 members using their contacts’ phone number unless the contact has registered your number in your earlobe. Warning: Sorry, you can only send messages to each other at the moment.

Create relevant, useful and new content to increase the number of telegram channel members

The first thing you need to clarify before you create a channel is to answer the question: “What is my goal of creating a telegram channel?” Or set the channel in the info section to be precise and concise. But keep in mind that you should never change the subject and link of the channel.

Please note that the content you publish on your channel must be consistent with the topic and name of the channel and content previously published. For example, in a channel with entertainment and jokes, disseminating topics and scientific content does not seem so appealing. Because it can cause confusion or discontent for many users and eventually cause them to leave your channel.

Keep in mind that when posting a photo or article on a channel, put the channel link below the article or photo so that if the content and content of the channel were interesting to members and channeled to others by the channel subscribers, the channel link would also be shared so that others would be able to Subscribe to your channel.

If you are a member of a group and your channel content is valuable, be sure to publish your channel content in the Forward link to share it to other groups and, if desired, group members. This is one of the most effective, yet simplest, methods of recruiting (publishing interesting and valuable content along with channel links).

Maintain channel attractiveness to keep members of the telegram channel

Obviously, in order for your members to have the drive to get to the channel and regularly subscribe to your channel, you need to create engaging and useful content in the channel. This requires a lot of energy and time for you as a channel manager and makes you more eager to keep and stay in the channel when a new member is added to the channel rather than leaving the channel (after selecting a join link in promotions or activities such as member purchasing) Be more eager to keep and stay in your channel.

Avoid submitting duplicate or non-content material to the channel as much as possible. Because it reduces the attractiveness of the channel and ultimately the loss of your organs. Get creative with low-volume photos, posters, animations, guides and videos, and always use graphics software to make them smaller so your audience and channel members can see your content faster and consume less Internet traffic.

In addition, try not to leave long posts. Because your audience often visits your channel through a small screen. Usually, mobile users visit channels when they are waiting, such as moving to the subway and all sorts of queues. So if your text size is more than two or three paragraphs, your audience is very quick to read. So you have to be very careful about this and every text post should be no more than two to four words long.

As mentioned, use attractive, content-related images and photos as much as possible. Sometimes a concept can be easily expressed with a small photo, while the same message may not be expressed in 4 words. In addition, audiences on social networks and telegrams are particularly interested in the image, and are generally more interested in posts that have photos.

If you are an educated channel administrator you should know that sometimes you can’t do well by showing your channel content by photo. So try to make a proper tutorial and put the explanatory text at the bottom. Also note that users should not have trouble viewing or loading your videos. This will discourage users and eventually leave your channel. So instead of using the movie link, try uploading it to the telegram.

Link exchange with popular channels to increase telegram channel members

Let’s get to the main point. There are basically two types of ways to attract telegram memes and channel advertising :

1: Exchange or cross-promotion
2: Paid advertising

Exchange advertising means asking your channel manager to put your advertising post (logo + channel link) on their channel, and in the same way, you are putting that ad and link in your channel. This is usually done by channels that have the same number of members and in addition there are more than five thousand active users. But in paid advertising, other channel managers charge you to put your channel’s ads and links in their channel. You have to do this with channels with over 50,000 active and active members.

Tip: You should know that if channel exchanges and promotions are excessive, which will cause harassment to members, it will reverse the results and cause the members to fall out of your channel. So if the ad or link exchange is out of date, it will lead to a loss of channel quality, which will eventually lead the channel subscribers to quit. So do not exchange links more than once a day and be sure to choose channels that are partly relevant to your channel’s theme.

easy way to increase the number of telegram channel members

Easy way to increase the number of telegram channel members

One of the easiest ways to increase and raise user of the telegram channel is to advertise free in the telegraph supergroups. To do this, you need to design an effective logo or banner and place your channel address at the bottom of the entry or banner. This method of advertising has always been effective and has a good return.

Unfortunately, most channels with a member of several tens of thousands have used many fake members, which reduces their credibility for monetization. Fake Membrane is of no value and is only used to represent the number of users in a single channel by amateur administrators. Of course, with a glance at the difference between the number of channel subscriber and the last few post views, professionals can estimate approximately the total number of channel members. There is always a direct relationship between the number of views of the content and the actual number of memes on that channel. Because it does not have any activity on Fake and cannot affect post views (of course there are fake, but often only for the last post).

So you can easily guess the size of counterfeit memes by comparing the number of views a channel has with its members. If you need to advertise on the larger channels on Telegram if you want to increase your member and ad channel, try buying one to two hours of ad campaigns first, and buy more hours from that ad channel if it works well, otherwise Forget subscribing to that channel and go to another channel.

Advertise the Telegram Channel on other media and social networks and sites

Most of us sometimes forget about the most self-evident and easy-going things for the sake of simplicity and ease. Registering the telegram channel on sites that are directory created for this is one of the handy things to forget about. Of course, if its impact is known, it will never be forgotten!

With a simple search you can find sites that share a list of telegram channels and include your channel name or address and link. These sites are not small and this can greatly influence the introduction of your telegram channel to others. If you have specific services you can stimulate the media you want to collaborate with by offering discounts, subscriptions and… instead of placing your link to users. This will cost you almost nothing, but the result is an increase in your channel subscribers at the least possible cost.

Remember that if you use other social networks, be sure to include your channel link in other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even your blog and website (if you have one). So one of the most effective ways to increase channel members is to publish channel information and URLs on blogs and websites. You can do this by searching Google and finding websites that share a list of telegram channels, sharing your channel information, or suggesting your comments in comments that allow comment or comment.

Increase members of the telegram channel by teamwork to publish more and more useful content

You can have up to four administrators or managers per channel. Then use this opportunity and invite trusted friends and people you know to collaborate. If they also want to, you can add them as a manager to help you independently produce and publish the content.

Using others will definitely improve the quality of your telegram channel content, and as a result, your content will likely be shared and disseminated to other groups, eventually attracting more members to your channel. Of course, you shouldn’t be harassing user by over-publishing. Try to publish content on a regular basis. Don’t even broadcast anything from 9pm until 6am, so as not to disturb your telegram channel subscribers.

A few important points about increasing the number of telegram channel members

Creating Public Channels: When creating a channel, be sure to select your channel type as public channels are displayed in users’ search results.

Choose the short link and the proper name: Choose the short name as well as the short link in your channel so that users can memorize it.

Using Content Management System Extensions to Automatically Share Content on a Telegram Channel: For example, Telegram for WP is a WordPress content management system extension where you can link your WordPress site to your telegram channel. This plugin allows you to enter information from your site into the telegram channel.

Create contests, special or special discounts and on-demand channel members: Have your own polls or quizzes every once in a while using your voting robot. One of the most famous canal contests is the photo contest, which occasionally makes a lot of noise in the telegram! For example, you can compete by sending your child a photo and if you have more photos than others you will be the winner.