Hide Telegram Profile Picture

Hide telegram profile picture in Telegram is done with a few simple clicks, which we will teach you in full here. If you are looking for how to lock your profile picture to increase the security of your telegram, stay tuned. Here’s how to put one together for use with your Telegram profile picture

There used to be a way to hide online, but there was no ability to hide a profile picture, and if you wanted to lock your profile pictures to someone, you wouldn’t be able to do so. If you don’t have access to it, blocking is the only way. If it doesn’t have access to your line and ID, by blocking it, your photos will no longer be displayed for it, but in the new version of Telegram, this feature has the ability to hide your profile photo. We refer to it below.

Learn how to hide profile photos

With the new feature added to these messengers, you will be able to hide your profile pictures, you can also increase your security by hiding the number in Telegram.

After downloading the main telegram, log in to your account and then go to Settings and then Privacy and Security and click Profile Photo.

In the first step, download the latest version of Telegram, then log in to your account, then go to Settings and then Privacy and Security (click Privacy and Security) and click Profile Photo.

hide telegram profile picture

Here you will be able to work by selecting the My Contacts option so that no one but your contacts can see your photos.

hide telegram profile picture

Telegram profile photo lock

If you do not want to use the above method or Telegram does not have this feature and not to see the profile picture in Telegram, the following should be observed for the person in question, otherwise that person can access your photo. We teach according to the official telegram, and there may be better ways for informal to do so. If you know a way, we’ll be happy to include it in the comments section so that others can benefit as well.

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  • Make a debit account and all those who do not have your account will not be able to access you forever.
  • It doesn’t have a number from you, because if it has your number, it can see your photo with another account.
  • Your Telegram account doesn’t have an id, if you have an ID, that person can easily find you by searching for us.
  • Don’t be in a group on the other side.


How do I hide my profile picture?
You can easily hide your profile picture by doing a few simple clicks and following the post tutorial steps

Can Telegram profile picture be locked?
Yes, this feature has been optimized in the latest version of Telegram

Is this a trick or a legal method?
This method is done from Telegram settings and is completely legal