How Advertise My Telegram Channel

If you have already searched for advertisements in Telegram, you will find that these advertisements are very expensive and not everyone will be able to do it. So I decided to write an article here that you can promote your channel for free.

What are the methods for free advertising?

Step 1: Try to exchange ads

That means talking to a channel that has the same number of members as you on this exchange. By placing your banner for a specific time, and they will place your banner in the channel.

This method is a very simple and free method

Step 2: Free registration of channels and groups on the Internet

Register your channel on sites that register Telegram channels and groups for free. Some sites are made in this field that put your channel address on their site for free. This will allow people who are looking for a specific channel on the web and Google to reach your channel faster

Watch the video below to record your channel in

Why do I have to register my channel?

The first answer is that it is completely free. That is, in the first stage, it does not harm you And the important thing is that many people search for their favorite channel by searching on Google and the web. So it is better for you to be present in these sites as well.

Of course, do not forget that these sites have special users who always check the site to see new channels. It may be selected by these users after your channel is registered.

How many members do I get with this site?

If you get a member from this site, it is definitely a targeted member and this is very important to you. Only 100 targeted members is better than 10,000 members who do not want to be on your channel.

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