How to attract active members to Telegram channel?

Telegram has become a very competitive place that we have every day from all over the world who intend to invest in their business in Telegram.

Why has Telegram competition increased?

You know all this. Telegram has advanced with a very precise program and has always provided the needs of its users, and this is why it finds a lot of fans. And when many users enter Telegram, all businesses decide to start their activity in Telegram.

“Currently, working in Telegram is mandatory for you who have an online business”

Well, let’s get to the point: To date, there are many ways to increase channel membership, and today we are going to talk about a different method. The way you can get active members. You must first decide whether you want to work on the channel or the group

The targeted method has already been set up for the Telegram group and you can get targeted members. You can see the opposite link for more information : Group Targeted Members

But there is no method for the Telegram channel at the moment and I intend to guide you only with explanations.

So what is the best way to attract an active and targeted audience in Telegram?

According to research on all methods of increasing Telegram membership in all sites, currently the best way to attract a targeted audience in Telegram is banner advertising.

But what about banner ads?

In banner advertising, only you, as the parent can know for sure. In any topic you work on, there are definitely other topic channels with more members than you. To find them, just search for it in Telegram or Google.

All channels have advertising tariffs. For example, placing your banner on your channel for $ 1 an hour. If the channel has high members, this cost will increase and if it has low members, it will decrease

Try to follow the following points:

  • Be sure to design a quality banner before you start advertising
  • Check channel visits for active members
  • To start, select small plans for sensing
  • Use channels that are active and post new posts daily