How To Get Verified Icon at Telegram (Verified Badge)

How To Get Verified Icon at Telegram

How To Get Verified Badge at Telegram Channels

If you would like to formalize your Telegram Channel and get a blue check for authenticity, be sure to read this article

Along with the account name of some of the world’s most famous telegram Channels, there is a unique blue ticker on their Telegram showing the authenticity of their account. Profiles or accounts that have a blue check mark on Telegram are called Verified Badges in the concept of “Verified Badge”.

But how do we get a blue tick [Verified Badge] on Telegram Channel ? At present, the telegram has not commented on the Blue Ticket request and it has only confirmed its official services, as well as several other official channels

How to apply for blue check in telegram?

Blue Tick (Verified Icon) Method Approved profile in Telegram has certain requirements, so far only robots, channels and people related to the telegram itself have blue tick, but from now on you can have blue tick! To do this, you need to have an identical (not necessarily matching) ID on two of the social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and other smm, and get one of those three blue tick networks.

You must meet all the following requirements to receive the Blue Ticket Telegram:

✅ Blue Ticket is currently only available for channels; person’s group and account do not include receiving the approved tag / unless you are a very important person (the latest training update)
✅ Your channel should be important (fake and fake members are unacceptable; but if the actual members are low, no problem and you can check)
✅ Your channel should not be against telegraph, pornography, religion, etc.
✅ Your personal or business photo should be included on your Telegram channel profile (when receiving a blue tick)
✅ You must have a blue tick at least in three apps (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube)

It doesn’t matter if you are famous, it is important to have a blue tick in the three programs mentioned above as the telegram uses other social networks for authentication and does not require identification, etc., once you are sure you have all these requirements. Enter your telegram channel and enter the link to your other social networks where you also have a blue tick in the description section of the channel as shown below.


My official accounts on Social Networks:

After that you should go to the Telegram @VerifyBot section in the Settings section and state your request as follows.

Hello. My account has Blue Tick verified on three social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
I request a Blue Tick verified request for my telegram channel. Please help me

Usually reputable companies and businesses are able to get this check, if you own a company you can send all your info to the support telegram and ask them to enable you with a blue check. Soon we will introduce the channels that have received the blue tick.


Page Verification Guidelines

The Telegram team generally verifies active official channels, bots or public groups that have verified accounts on each of these services:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook or Instagram (one is enough)
  • YouTube

Please add a link to your Telegram channel to your profiles on these services — so that we can confirm that they indeed belong to you. Once this is done, please contact our for verification.

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Verified Badge FAQs:

What is Verified Badge?
With the rise of social networks, there are always profiteers who exploit others, especially celebrities. That’s why Blue Tick has been created just like other social media sites, including Twitter, to minimize this problem.

How To Get Verified Icon at Telegram?
At present, the telegram has not commented on the Blue Ticket request and it has only confirmed its official services, as well as several other official channels

Can everyone get a blue tick?
Currently, only official companies and centers and important people can receive the blue telegram, If you’re not a brand or celebrity you probably won’t be able to get a blue tick. Getting a blue tick on a telegram is harder than on Instagram.