How To Hide Phone Number in Telegram

How to hide phone number in telegram, Telegram has added a new feature to hide the number in Telegram so that it is not visible to others. Picking up a number is such that it is unknown to contacts and strangers, and they will never be able to find your phone number. To not display your phone number in Telegram, you must first download the latest version of the original Telegram or update your Telegram to the latest version [Download Telegram].

New privacy regulations

Telegram groups can have tens of thousands of members, so engaging in these conversations can jeopardize your privacy. Telegram believes that all users have the right to express their opinions and to communicate privately. To further protect users’ privacy in version 5.11, it has expanded its privacy settings in Telegram.
Now you can set your phone number to “Nobody See”, a new option will appear below, allowing you to control your view for those who already have it. Setting up people who can find you with “My Contacts” ensures that users and people who accidentally add your number as an addressee can’t match your profile with that number.

Hide the number in Telegram

During previous Telegram updates, you can add them to your contacts without having other people’s numbers, and then their phone number will be displayed for you. This will definitely endanger your privacy, especially for women. Be sure to follow the procedure below to make sure that others fail to find the number in Telegram after using this feature.

To hide the number in Telegram, enter the Telegram settings, then touch the Phone Number option in the Privacy and Security section.

Hide phone number in telegram

In this section, to hide your number from the Who can see my phone number section, select the nobody options or no one else to add another menu below it. Now you can do this by selecting My Contacts, which only those who are your contacts will be able to find you by number, and strangers will not be able to find your Telegram account based on your mobile number.

telegram hide number option

Finding people based on their mobile number is only possible if you have reciprocally stored that person’s number in your contacts.


Is it possible to hide the number in Telegram?
Yes, this feature can be done in the latest version of Telegram to protect privacy

Do you need a side app to hide the number?
No, this feature is done in Telegram settings

Is this method reliable?
Yes, if you hide your number, no one can see your number