New Rapid progress Services in Telegram

Cibu, as the main provider of Telegram services, has been able to fulfill 21,000 orders in full to 6 powerful and quality services and, of course, 50% of the price of other sites.

Of course, this is because of the low cost. Most sites operate in the role of seller and need to pay for services.

How we provide services?

Our main tool for advertising and increasing members in Telegram is our websites and unofficial telegrams, which you can see an example of on Google Play. During 8 years of work experience, we have been able to attract many users to our system, and today, with this huge database of people who use Telegram, we can launch an advertising system and present it to our customers.

Introducing services

We currently offer 9 services for Telegram:

In the real service, you can order the highest number of members. Figures such as 500,000 members and 700,000 members
This service has a high cost because the members are invited and at a very low cost

In the virtual members section, a limited number can be ordered, such as 20 thousand and 30 thousand members, which, of course, is low in this method, and users of this method can

In the Telegram ready channel service section, we will sell you the channels we have already prepared and the channel management will be transferred to you in full. This service costs you less than all other services

The Telegram group, like the Telegram channel, has many fans, and for any reason, some companies do not choose the Telegram channel for their activities and try to work in the group.
We have a virtual membership service that is great for getting started. No group likes to start with zero members, and everyone decides to start with a number like 3,000 to 5,000. We can do this start number for you

Post traffic is a key factor in the authenticity of your channel and business. You have to manage all the factors together. There are channels that have reached 300,000 or 500,000 members but have low traffic. With the visit service, you can bring this to normal

Telegram has an ability to hold contests and polls that sometimes people like to win in these competitions with their accelerator services, and fortunately we also offer this service, which you can buy from the Telegram services section.

Automatic channel visit service is one of the most important factors you need. This service sends daily visits to your channel, which about 6,000 channels are currently using this service

Increasing channel or group members can be done in one step or on a daily basis. We have a daily service to increase the number of members, which is low and my view every day

Targeted service is one of the highest quality services, which of course can only be done for the group. In this method, you select several groups as the target group, and we invite the members of those groups to your group.