Principles of telegram advertising and its types

You must have known about the huge wave of advertisements on social networks around the world, but many of these social networks may not be useful in telegram. Currently, in Iran, networks such as Telegram, Instagram and LinkedIn are experiencing more and more growth, and as a result, advertising is focused on these networks. Meanwhile, due to the high number of its users, Telegram has become one of the best advertising opportunities in Iran and has provided the possibility of communicating with many target customers at a lower cost. We want to acquaint you with the types of advertisements in Telegram and the important points that you should consider when choosing Telegram channels.

If you have not yet introduced your business to the online world, you can easily make your products and services available to the public with attractive content, related photos and special offers by creating an Instagram page or creating a telegram channel. However, you need ads to make your channel more visible and attract potential customers.
At first glance, advertising in the telegram may seem simple, but in reality it is not. In fact, if you do not pay attention to a few points, all your advertising budget will be easily lost and your advertising will be ineffective!

Advertising on major telegram channels requires extensive and careful scrutiny. Channels with more members are not necessarily suitable for your ads. To check the following, subscribe to these channels for a few days to review them from a user’s perspective.

What kind of channels should we look for and with what topics?
Make sure a large portion of your potential customers are members of these channels. If your ads are not limited to a specific topic and reach a wider range of users, place your ads on a variety of channels with different content areas.

For example, if you advertise a customer relationship management software and telegram reseller panel, you should advertise in specialized channels of customer relationship management, marketing and sales, but if you want to advertise an online food ordering application, you should advertise in various channels of entertainment, technology, style. Do life, education and… these telegram advertisements.

1. Advertising on popular Telegram channels
Telegram channel ads

If your budget is limited, it is better not to advertise on two channels with the same theme.

Once you have identified the relevant topics, you should look for the best and most appropriate channels for advertising in Telegram. Be very careful in choosing the channel. For example, there are many entertainment channels with many members that vary from earth to sky. Some of them publish telegram posts every day from every door and in large numbers, but some of them are more valuable due to the higher quality of users; These channels post less, but the quality of the posts is higher, and they are read more carefully by the users. You should check that the channel in question publishes several telegram posts a day. If the number of posts in that channel is high, your ad will be less likely to be seen.

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Finding channels related to yourself is a difficult process but it is not impossible, there are different ways to find these channels:

The first way: find the channel through websites
Most reputable websites have good telegram channels; For example, if you want to advertise in the field of decoration, visit architecture and interior decoration sites and check their telegram channels to make sure the quality of the channel and its content is related to your business. Of course, there is another way; You can do a Google search for “Top Channels” or “Most Popular Channels” to find a list of these channels.

The second way: find the channel through Instagram
Some of the most influential Instagram activists probably also have a Telegram channel and have placed the link in the Bio section on their main page. You can search for your topic with related hashtags on Instagram so that the pages that contain these hashtags (public pages) are displayed. You can also use this trick to advertise on Instagram.

The third way: find the channel through telegram groups
You are probably a member of several groups. From the telegram posts that members send to groups, you can get a fairly good analysis of their active channels and audiences. What if you are a member of a related group? For example, suppose you want to promote a sports club or diet app and you are a member of a nutrition or fitness group. Introduce you to the field.

When and for how long will our advertisements be in Telegram?

Ask channel managers when your ads are published and how long they stay on the channel. For example, if most of your target customers are employees, it is better to do these ads at night after business hours. Of course, most of the ads are more expensive during these hours, and instead you can even run these ads at noon when housewives are alone and companies often stop working for lunch.

When and for how long will our advertisements be in Telegram?
Telegram advertising

Some channels have different tariffs for the length of time your ad is placed on their channel, and some even give you the option to have your ad serve as the last post on that channel for a longer period of time.

2. Telegram click ads

By using click ads in Telegram, you can get paid for the result, that is, you pay for each click on your link.

If you want to increase the traffic of your site or you want to invite customers to participate in the contest, get a discount code, download the application or any other item to a separate page (Landing Page) on the web or Telegram, you can insert the desired link in the Telegram post Use this type of advertising in Telegram.

In this way, with the help of Telegram advertising platforms, you can determine the price of each click and even the type of channels desired for advertising in Telegram. If you do this directly, you will have to find the channels associated with your ads yourself and agree with the channel owners to determine the amount of revenue and payment based on the analysis of your website (for example, with the help of Google Analytics reports). If you have enough time, do it yourself.

You may think that this is the best type of advertising and why go for other items? The answer is that some popular channels do not run this type of advertising and if they do, they cost more. By using this method, your final cost may be higher for a certain number of results than in other cases. So before allocating your entire telegram advertising budget, test at least two types of telegram advertising methods to have a good understanding of the costs and benefits of each method.

Beware of robots! Unfortunately, the owners of some of these channels design a number of bots in such a way that they click on the links as a user, thus increasing the cost of receiving them. So to begin with, try the channels for less money.

Telegram Visit ads

In this method of advertising in Telegram, you pay for a certain number of visits. The number of views is the same as the one shown at the bottom right of each post.

In visitor ads, the audience may simply read the text below the photo or video or GIF but do not open it to see the content. So try to choose the text below the photo or the so-called caption of your advertising post correctly; If you are going to convey a message, this message should be clear without the photo being loaded, and if your goal is for the audience to see the photo or video, you should write this text persuasively.

Telegram Visit ads
Telegram Visit ads

Some advertising platforms in Telegram also use this method and categorize your ads based on different goals such as brand introduction or awareness or receiving results (increase in membership, download, click, etc.) and offer suggested channels according to your desired goal.

4. Design and construction of Telegram robot

Telegram robots have different functions according to their characteristics. You can design a robot that delivers your advertising message to thousands of people; Of course, this robot needs a large number of phone numbers or Telegram IDs (databases) to send messages to the owners of the numbers and introduce your channel.

Developing and managing your telegram channel is also a form of organic advertising, and as this content becomes more accessible, more people will join your channel. If you have a product or service to offer to customers, you can get help from robots equipped with payment gateways to simplify the purchase process for customers.

Building a telegram robot is not a difficult task, but if you want this robot to do special work, you need to learn more, but you can give the performance you expect from the robot to experts so that they can build a telegram robot.

Increase Telegram channel membership

You may think that increasing the number of Telegram channel members is also a kind of advertisement in Telegram, but in general, we suggest that you do not go to Telegram membership to increase services for your advertising planning, because the authenticity of users and their quality is not clear. Use other methods and let users consciously see and choose you.

Increase Telegram channel membership
Telegram boost members

The last word
If your advertising post is not properly designed, no matter how much you use the most appropriate and best method of advertising in Telegram, you will not get the desired result. Remember that you should be simple in designing advertising posts and avoid using long and complicated texts. Telegram-related emojis can also grab users’ attention and make it easier to read the caption below the photo.

Do not forget that you have little opportunity to attract the attention of the audience!