Professional Telegram Channel Management

How to have a professional telegram channel?

From building a channel to producing content

In this article, I will tell you about my practical experience in designing and developing a professional telegram channel

The book Hook (HOOKED) begins with the following sentences: Seventy-nine percent of smartphone owners go to their phone within 15 minutes of waking up and Perhaps more frighteningly, one-third of Americans say they would choose one if they were to choose between sexual intercourse and cell phones.

Given the above, it is obvious that the strong influence of Telegram on the day and time of us Iranians cannot be underestimated, however, we are many “addicted to Telegram”.

So “we have to accept that we are stuck in a hook!”

Consider the following questions

How many times a day do you check your telegram? More than ten times?

Do you spend most of your time chatting on Telegram or visiting channels?

How would you feel if you didn’t visit Telegram one day?

Is there a channel you don’t feel comfortable with?

Thinking about gender issues will give us more insight into our relationship with Telegram.

Now let’s get to the main point

Qualitative development of a telegram channel is far more important than its quantitative development.

In my opinion, the channel that has 100 active and active members is much better and more effective than the channel with ten thousand passive and irrelevant members.

How to have a professional and high quality telegram channel?
10 simple commands to have a value-creating and quality channel in Telegram

1- To attract the audience

Let’s not exchange links with any unrelated and vulgar channels
It is better to add one permanent and permanent member to our channel per week, so that one hundred people can join the channel in one day, and at the end of the week, all of them will leave the channel or not bother to open the channel themselves!

2- Don’t be a copyist

If you’re just going to be a copywriter and you have nothing new to say. Avoid running channel channels.
The Telegram channel should be considered a suitable and excellent place to strengthen the “content production muscles”.

3- Forbidden ads!

We are not going to use Telegram just to guide the audience to our site.
When I just publish a link to my site’s content on the channel, it makes me feel bad, I think at least seventy percent of our content should be published entirely on the channel, and twenty to thirty percent should be devoted to publishing links. Regarding the publication of the advertisement, this ratio should be ninety to ten.

4- Exercise for brevity

This is perhaps the most important point for producing content on Telegram. We need to write as short and concise as we can.
Summary means paying attention and respect to the audience.

The Telegram audience does not have the patience to read long things! It’s true that Telegram, like Twitter, has no limit of 140 characters, but I think we should consider such restrictions for our channel.

5- Don’t be afraid to publish audio files.

The Telegram audience loves to listen to podcasts, but if you have a cold, or just woke up, and refrain from recording audio files!
Publishing a podcast is so useful and valuable that it’s worth going to the art class and buying the right microphone for yourself.

6- Use first-class and high-quality photos.

Try to make your channel have its own identity and visual style.
Websites like publish quality photos with free copyright and are a good source for content producers in Telegram.

7- What is your goal in launching the Telegram channel?

Goals such as earning money, networking, training, brand development, advertising, and so on can all be your main goals for building a Telegram channel.
But if you want to survive and be effective, your first goal, first and foremost, is to create value and help others. Try to be as helpful to your channel members as you can.

8- The importance of game development

Familiarity with the techniques of gamification will help you bring the members of the channel with you and stand out among the multitude of telegram channels. has published good lessons on gamification.

Writing sequential and engaging posts is one way to engage your audience with the channel.

9- Have a content calendar.

It is not built because it is free to create a channel in Telegram and at least make it available to everyone. It should have a content program and calendar for our channel.

If you want to be known as a reference and reputable channel, try to have a content calendar and even plan for hours of content publishing. It is best to refresh the channel at least two or three different times a day.

In addition, republishing previous blog posts is useful, after all, some good channel posts are always hidden from some members.

10- Telegram, a house on the water!

However, having a channel on Telegram is like building a house on water.
Creating and publishing content on social media is work in a context that others have created for us, and we may lose thousands of members of your channel in one go with a single click or a strange, unpredictable event. So it is better to have our own site next to the channel. Channel members can subscribe to our site newsletter if they wish.

Footnote: There are certainly a lot of things to build and have a professional channel on Telegram that I haven’t mentioned. I hope that this series of posts will continue with your consensus.

I look forward to hearing from you as well as the links to the channels you are launching.
Don’t underestimate the power of writing.


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