Start a business with Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app that attracted 50 million new users in just 24 hours. Many believe that the reason for this success was the combination of WhatsApp and Snapshot features.

Telegram allows its users to communicate with people who have saved their phone number of people who have a public and searchable username. Telegram has a programming user interface (API) and game text protocol that shows users whether their message has been received and read by the other party. Many of Telegram’s features are similar to those of the WhatsApp app; But a unique feature sets it apart from WhatsApp. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram has the ability to send video messages, and the user can automatically delete these messages by setting a timer, which is similar to one of the features of the Snapshot app. Of course, the recipient of the message can take a screenshot of the photo before it is lost. Telegram application has an advanced security system that actually increases its security and speed by using servers that are spread all over the world. The secret chat feature of this application uses destination encryption and guaranteed algorithm and offers a combination of security and high speed to its users.

This application is based on the cloud space and allows users to access their messages through various devices. There is no limit to the amount of information and there is no need to pay and buy a subscription to use Telegram. Also, no ads have been used in this application. Telegram has made it possible for users to send and share any type of file; So that the user does not need to install other applications. If you also use this application, it is better to get acquainted with more practical ways to use it and have a purposeful and useful use of this application.

telegram app
Telegram messenger

1- Re-share interesting posts related to your industry

If you find an article, file, photo, or anything else you think is relevant to your industry, share it with others. Introducing yourself as a person interested in a particular industry, getting to know others and talking to them is one of the best ways to expand your communication network and increase your followers. Remember that the content you share should be from reputable sources and be semantically valuable. The more creative and innovative the content and ideas you share, the more people will be attracted to you.

2- Build your own tool on the Telegram programming user interface

Telegram is an open source application that allows anyone interested to access its source code. So everyone can implement Telegram-like messages on their platform using the Telegram code at no cost. Of course, Telegram has provided more features than robots for developers, and these people can use Telegram codes to design their own unique application by adding custom features.

3- Put aside constant advertising

If you use the Telegram app for business, keep in mind that constantly promoting products and services will not help at all. Users are interested in posts that enhance the brand’s relationship with the customer, not just promote a particular product or service. Deep communication is the key to creating a sense of customer belonging to the brand. To do this, try to find items that are of great importance to users and introduce them to your products and services by talking about them.

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4- Hold small competitions

Asking a question or holding small contests will help drive a lot of traffic to your site. The prizes for the winners of the contest encourage users to share your post on social media. For example, getting more likes or taking a selfie with the product in question are good ideas for the contest. The design of telegram polls also encourages followers to connect more with you and other users. So to do this, just present your interesting idea with users and explain the rules of the contest to them.

telegram is best for your business
Telegram learning for business

5- Put the link of your other social networks in the introduction page

To increase your popularity, ask followers to visit your profile on other social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. Introducing social media links in Telegram not only saves time, but also helps increase the ease of receiving messages from other sites. Remember that while linking to other social networks is a smart move, you should not overdo it. Each social network has its own voice and the posts that are shared on it must be in line with the culture of that social network. LinkedIn, for example, is a social network for business and should not share posts related to this topic.

6- Compensate for the kindness of others

If a user shares your post, try to reciprocate the favor. Paying attention to the interest of your followers has a tremendous impact on them and encourages them to introduce your channel or group to others.

7- Increase your social presence

Creating interesting emails, generating content on a personal blog and creating audio and video content are ways to attract the audience. By providing this content model and sharing it in Telegram, you can increase site traffic and increase the number of followers. To be seen, it is better to participate in discussions related to your industry and answer other people’s questions. At the end of the answer, you can invite them to visit your website or subscribe to the Telegram channel for more information.

Telegram is a messenger that is used both for sending and receiving personal messages of the user and for marketing products. Therefore, any brand can use the free services of this application and increase the number of its customers by producing quality content.