Telegram channel advertising with 5 Golden methods

Telegram channel advertising with basic techniques

Advertising on Telegram channels is one of the most profitable methods, and we recommend this method in the first row for those who are looking for a replacement.

In the world of messaging apps, the market for social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook has been hot and full of new news for some time, which we discussed in previous articles about advertising on Instagram. But today we are going to pay attention to Telegram increasing users the number of members of Telegram channel is one of the most important concerns of channel owners in this mobile social network. In this article, we will teach you the most effective ways to increase your Telegram channel members.

If you are planning to promote your Telegram channel, you can be sure that reading this Telegram Advertising Guide can help you become more productive and reduce your costs. With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can target your real audience in Telegram. So join us.

1- Selecting the appropriate subject and name for the Telegram channel

First, specify your purpose for launching the Telegram channel and do not change the link and subject of the channel after a while, try to publish content related to the name and background of the channel, if you could create a page for your channel on other social networks so that Both prevent members from falling and you can attract new members. For example, if the channel, which is named after an astronomical channel, sends a satirical or political article or a series of advertisements on the Telegram channel and the site, some fake members may not like it and leave the channel. Also, the subject of your channel has an important and fundamental role in its future. For example, entertainment or news channels are much more successful than scientific channels because most people in our beloved country come to cyberspace for entertainment and laughter.

2- Production and management of attractive and useful content

I have to admit that the best way to attract audiences and members to the channel is to produce functional content so that current channel audiences will be able to share it with other groups in which they are members, and members in those groups will see shared content from Encourage your channel and like it to join your channel. For this purpose, paying attention to the following recommendations can be useful:

Choose the right logo and photo for your channel.
Under each post, be sure to enter your channel address.

One of the effective ways to advertise the Telegram channel is to exchange links with large or similar channels, which is done in two ways:

1- Simultaneous and reciprocal advertising: You can find the channels that are the same with you in terms of the number of members and topics, send a message to their managers and advertise your Telegram channel on this issue at the same time and at busy hours. Let’s agree that this method is very common. You can easily increase your channel members at no cost. Try not to use this method too much, because after a while it will be boring for your channel members and it may be out of your channel.

2- In the second method, you have to advertise your Telegram channel to the most visited channels and high members, who usually advertise your Telegram channel by taking money.

4- Publish more content in the channel

You can have up to four admins or administrators for each Telegram channel. So take the opportunity to invite trusted friends and acquaintances. If they wish, you can add them to the channel as a manager to help you produce and publish content independently. By using others, the quality of your Telegram channel content will definitely increase, and as a result, the possibility of publishing your content in other groups will increase, and eventually more members will be attracted to the channel. Of course, you shouldn’t bother members by publishing too much content. Try to publish regularly and on a scheduled basis. Try not to publish anything from 11 pm to 9 am to disturb and leave your Telegram channel members. You can use the silent text submission technique on the Telegram channel to do this.

5- Advertising Telegram channel in other media and social networks and sites

The easiest way to advertise your Telegram channel is to introduce your channel on sites that advertise the Telegram channel on their site. By doing this, you do not need to waste your time thinking about it without wasting time. You can exchange links permanently and pay a lot of money without disturbing the members of your channel. In this way, you can introduce your channel or other social networks on the Green Link site, whose job is to introduce the channel. Register for Telegram and it is very easy to get a member.

Conclusion :
All the above methods are practical and correct ways to advertise the Telegram channel, but the most important thing is to produce practical content. Don’t forget that you can attract many your audience by having a little patience and producing good content.


How is advertising done on the Telegram channel?

Advertising is that you prepare an advertising banner and the channel receives a fee for sending the banner on its channel.

How much does Telegram advertising cost?

The price of advertising on the Telegram channel varies depending on the subject and the number of members

How do I find the best channel for advertising?

You need to use Google and Telegram search to find the desired channel