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New tricks for Telegram marketing

Telegram marketing is one of the most popular and new ways of social media marketing for many people, brands and businesses that can use cost-effective solutions to their goals in Telegram marketing such as increasing followers, increasing lead (opportunity). Achieve potential sales and brand awareness. Today at Dart Digital Marketing Agency, we’ll look at some of the most successful marketing strategies for Telegram marketing.

Many brands in their field of expertise try to invite target audiences to their group by launching telegram groups and encourage them to interact with the brand in two ways with a targeted social media marketing strategy. Today, many brands sell their products on Telegram due to the low cost of advertising on Telegram and introduce their services to the target audience. It can be said that even ordinary people with a smart telegram marketing strategy and combining it with content marketing like a powerful guerrilla leader own an online store at no cost and can earn millions through social media marketing on the Telegram platform.

Design a Telegram marketing strategy

Every business and anyone who wants to make money through Telegram-based social media marketing should set their own goal when developing a Telegram marketing strategy. For example, goals can increase brand awareness, increase Instagram and Telegram followers, increase leads, become a major influencer in their industry and class, earn millions, and more. For example, if you have a new site and your goal in Telegram marketing strategy is to increase site traffic, then you can put a brief description of the article or news in your post and with a good call to action and short article / news link. Invite group members and the Telegram channel to visit the site to read more content.

If your goal is to increase the number of orders or daily sales, you can achieve your goal by increasing the discount campaigns, increasing the lead and the number of your daily orders. For example, Chili online food ordering site on its Telegram channel introduces the latest discounts on food dishes for each restaurant to the members of the channel every day, and by designing attractive telegram posts and attractive photos, it has been able to bring viral and shareable content to people.

Design a Telegram marketing strategy
Design a Telegram marketing strategy

Set up a telegram group with a higher priority

Telegram ads are more effective than 15-second TV commercials, and by professionally designing a post using interactive content production tools, you can increase channel members or Telegram groups by providing valuable and viral content that is appealing to the target audience, each of which can Be a potential leader for the user’s telegram business. Of course, customers like to know what others think when they buy, and instead of buying from a whistle, they buy from a place where a group is present. Therefore, launching the Telegram Group is a better way to increase sales of products and provide better services.

Friendly content marketing and telegram marketing for silent sales

Beginner salespeople start selling from the start, while professional marketers create a sense of loyalty within the target community by providing value-added value to the customer with valuable and relevant content and combining it with social media marketing strategies. Valuable use during Telegram marketing only advises and helps people. For example, you can include free and excellent tutorials in your Telegram group and answer your users’ questions.

Just be careful not to overdo it by increasing the sales of your group members or the Telegram channel so that your audience is obliged to buy the product / service from you. Respecting channel members and adding value to them should be your top priority in Telegram marketing.

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Professional design is a key to the success of Telegram marketing

In addition to being useful, the content that is being produced should be attractive enough for the target audience. You can also influence your target audience by inviting influencers to your Telegram group and channel. Invite other group managers and telegram channels to exchange ideas, such as promotional giants, so you can get your business off the rug. Like Instagram, Telegram contacts are very photo-centric and run away from long text posts.

success of Telegram marketing
success of Telegram marketing

Branding is an important part of Telegram marketing

Despite the daily increase in the number of Telegram channels and groups, there is a lot of competition and creative ideas. On the other hand, copying content is very common. You can have a unique signature (like a unique icon) and channel ID on each of your posts for your channel or telegram group. Add images or video content to your valuable content by watermarking the group / channel logo to reduce the percentage of copying while the content is being viral, and your brand to be seen and heard in other groups. So don’t forget to add the channel link in all channel posts to attract new people so that if the posts are forwarded, people will be directed to your channel by clicking on the link at the foot of the post.

Content calendar to reduce noise in Telegram marketing

Like Instagram’s marketing strategy, Telegram marketing must be targeted and targeted based on the content calendar. For example, 4 to 6 posts a day is enough during the busy hours of the day, but more than that, it gives the target audience a sense of group / channel spam. Try to make the content short and attractive and increase the number of members of your channel / group during the day by using relevant and quality images and sending targeted and regular posts.

Accept competitors and complementary brands

Advertising on competing channels and complementary brands attracts members to those channels. Many of these channels announce channel manager IDs for collaboration opportunities in the channel’s biography section, and you can attract a lot of people with a little investment.

Important note :
Members who are attracted to your channel in this way have a high quality and act like target members and greatly increase the level of quality of activity in your channel.

Equip the Telegram group and channel with promotional fuel

By promoting your Telegram group or channel on popular channels (and of course related to your channel and group theme), try to add new people to your target audience and achieve more success by promoting your Telegram marketing strategy. After creating loyalty and increasing the satisfaction of your audience, you can sell your services and products in a more specialized way.

Graph of Telegram usage for Cobb income based on millions of people

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