Telegram membership increase rules

Telegram membership increase has its own rules, which include several methods of membership increase

How many ways to increase membership?

In summary and away from fake methods, we have 5 ways to increase membership in Telegram:

1- Real members who are invited
2- Fake members with no activity and only to increase the number of members
3- Advertising channel that has the highest level to increase targeted members
4- Ads sponsored by proxy in Telegram
5- Invite members of one group to another (Targeted Method)
6: Telegram Reseller panel

What are the rules for using these methods?

You can not use all methods at once for your channel, You must first read the description of each service and then select the service that is right for you

How do I find the best way? You can find out by reading the description of each service, but we suggest an easier way » Get in touch with us and ask us questions about the channel

Abstract Main Description

* If you want to compete in terms of number of channels, you should definitely use the service of real members.
* If you only need a few fixed members to get started, you should definitely use the Fake Members service
* If you have a business in Telegram, you should definitely use targeted methods such as channel advertising / proxy sponsorship and targeted membership.