Telegram Scraper Bot

Telegram scraper bot or Telegram auto invite user an application for advertising on Telegram that allows you to invite members of a group to your group. This is a targeted advertising method that is widely used and most recommended for businesses.

Telegram Group Scraper

This program can be done directly in Telegram groups. The reason is that there is an add members option or this program uses the add Members group option and adds members of a group to your group.

In this way, after the members are invited, a number of them leave, and the reason is that they are added without permission, and it is quite natural that they leave your group after being invited.

Do you want to have a Targeted member?

The best option for your business in telegram

Telegram Channel Scraper

In fact, this system does not work on the Telegram channel, and this is quite natural considering the previous explanations

The reasons why this program is not used in the channel

  • Channel members are not visible to everyone
  • Telegram channel does not have the ability to add members so that everyone can add members
  • The Telegram channel has a limit of 200 members in the manual adding of members

Telegram Scraper Software or Bot!

Beware of Internet Fraudsters
People are selling a program called Telegram Scraper Software or bot at low prices. That only intends to cheat, and we receive daily reports. So I must say that this system requires a lot of effort and expertise, and not everyone is satisfied with selling their system at these low prices. Be careful!

Telegram Scraper FAQs:

What is telegram scraper?
This is a system for inviting members from one group to another, which is very useful for businesses.

What is the price of this system?
The pricing of this service is determined based on the number of members, which is fully explained in the post

How can I buy this software?
You can order this system, and we will build it for your type of work and optimize it for you