Telegram Unblocked in Russia

After two years of unsuccessful blocking of Telegram in Russia, it allows the country to transfer from the Brotherhood management organization to lift its restrictions on this published message.

For the past two years or so, after several terrorist acts on Russian soil and proving that terrorists used Telegram messengers as a means of communication, the Russian government has asked Telegram to provide information about the perpetrators of terrorist attacks to the Russian Federal Security Service. Telegram Refuses to Transmit This Information The Russian Ministry of Communications sued Telegram, and the court eventually ruled to block the message.

The Russian government has not been successful in blocking the telegram for the past two years, and many media outlets and government officials, including the Russian Foreign Ministry, have used it to send messages. Voice calls from this messenger were restricted and it could not be used for more than one minute.

There is no secret deal with the Russian government!

“There is no sudden change or secret deal,” Telegram director Pavel Durov said in a tweet after Telegram was blocked in Russia and Telegram could clash with the Russian government to provide users’ personal information to intelligence and security agencies.

According to an independent report, Russian officials appear to have decided to filter the telegram because of its reluctance to fight terrorism and extremism and allow it to return to the arena of popular media in Russia. .