Telegram Users By Country

Telegram users by country This is what we are talking about in this article. A research institute recently published a report showing the highest and lowest rates of Telegram users in different countries.

Although WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are among the most popular and popular messaging apps in the world, two other messengers called Telegram and Signal have also lost a lot of fans in recent years, according to website.

Telegram Statistics

According to reports released by the App Topia Research Institute, the number of Telegram app users grew by 118 percent in 2017, a significant increase over other messengers.

According to experts from the institute, Telegram users in countries such as Venezuela, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Ukraine are much higher than other countries in the world. Meanwhile, users in countries such as Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand have least welcomed these famous blue messengers.

Which countries use Telegram the most?

One of the most important features of Telegram, which is not available in other similar applications, is the ability to create channels with a capacity of millions of users and members. Of course, there are many other features in this messenger that distinguish it from other applications.

Like Telegram, the signal messaging app has experienced unprecedented growth in these countries, but is far ahead of its rival, Telegram, in that the number of users who have installed and used signal messengers in these countries has increased by 147 percent. In other countries, however, it has grown by only 11 percent.

Top 3 countries that use Telegram

Top 3 countries that use Telegram Report

Telegram has gained immense popularity and popularity in recent years, has gained high speed and security, and in addition to advanced encryption protocols, it has other features such as secret chat, and from time to time new features. In order to satisfy users and facilitate their performance, it adds to its application.


What is the number of Telegram users?
According to Telegram, in its latest announcement, the number of users of this popular communication app is 400 million user

How did Telegram become so popular?
There are many reasons for this, but the best feature is the high speed and security of this pianist.

Which countries have the most use of Telegram?
According to Alexa, India, Brazil and Malaysia have the most Telegram