Telegram video calling capability was made public

Telegram Video Call was introduced on the seventh anniversary of this messenger for all its desktop and mobile apps and users can use it.

. With the spread of the Corona virus and the homelessness of many people around the world, the importance of video calling has doubled over the past, and Telegram is now equipped with such a feature. This feature is currently in alpha mode and is available to all users on different operating systems. In the past, we saw the addition of voice calling to this messenger, which is encrypted universally, now such a feature is also considered for Telegram video calling.

This messenger shows four emojis for you and the person you are talking to, and if both people see the same four emojis, the video call is encrypted. Instagram video calling supports image-to-image capabilities, so you can resize it and use the app while talking to your friend.

Telegram video call

Users can turn a video call into a voice call or not turn on their camera for the other person. In addition, like other messengers, it is possible for users to turn off the microphone. It should be noted that such a feature is not currently enabled for iOS due to lack of approval from Apple.

Telegram promises to add new features to its messenger in the future, one of the most important of which is the possibility of group video calling. In addition to Telegram video calling, we also see the addition of more animated emojis to this messenger. When you use these emojis in your chat, you will see a larger and more animated emoji.

While Telegram outperforms WhatsApp in some areas, WhatsApp has long been equipped with video calling and group calling for users.

Telegram video call training

To make a telegram video call, you need to check and do some things. These include the following:
To start a video call in Telegram, you can proceed from the profile page of your desired contact.
All you have to do is go to your contact page and tap the camera icon to make a video call.
You can also change it to a video call while making a voice call.
When making a video call in Telegram, the picture-in-picture mode can be used, and you can reduce its size while making a video call, and browse through your chats and channels and check them as well.

To make a video call, both parties must have the latest version of Telegram (Android and iPhone) installed on their phone, and at the same time, they must not have disabled the call feature in the Telegram privacy settings.
Telegram has announced that all video calls will be encrypted uniquely. Match the four emojis displayed on the screen to the contact to confirm the security of your communication. Since Telegram codes are available to users, anyone can verify the accuracy of cryptography.

Telegram says more features will be added to the video calling section in the future, including making group calls.