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The term social media marketing as Social Media Marketing is a term that in recent times has been very useful. Today, the importance of presence and advertising on social networks is not hidden from anyone, but if you think that to be present in this space, pick up a speaker and advertise your product and work on social networks, take a moment! Before doing this, you should know that introducing and selling the product in this environment can not be done easily and by a speaker and has a little trick. Secret suggests you do not miss reading this before starting to advertise on social networks. This will help you to get complete information about social media marketing.

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What is Social Media Marketing ( SMM )?

Where to start marketing on social media?

Ways to increase followers on social networks

Before we start talking about social media marketing, let’s talk a little more about the growth of social media to gain a better understanding of the importance of social media marketing. According to statistics in an article on the site ourworldindata  , the world’s population of 7.7 billion, 3.5 billion and three members of a social network like Facebook, Yvtvyvb, WhatsApp and more. According to forecasts, this amount will reach four billion by 2021 ( financesonline). According to Mr. Jahromi, Iran’s Minister of Information Technology, there are 42 to 45 million social media users in Iran. These figures are increasing every year. In the current situation, the Internet has become an integral part of people’s lives and this issue has led to the creation of many startups in the field of information technology in Iran. Do you know what it means to have so many people in one environment ?! Lean back in your chair and think about these numbers.

Social networks gradually became a suitable space for brand and business advertising. The growing volume of advertising demand on social networks, which was formed in 2016 and is rapidly increasing, is a proof that these advertisements have been effective and businesses and organizations have gained their satisfaction from their advertisements on social networks. . Organizations and businesses can communicate with their audiences through social networks, introduce their products and services in a more friendly way, without creating exorbitant costs, creating a website and renting a shop, etc. Services and products Sell ​​yourself, pay less for advertising than environmental advertising, especially TV advertising, work on your advertising efficiency, and display your ads only to target users.

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Familiarity with the concept of marketing and social networks [smm पैनल]

The word marketing means advertising, now it may be offline advertising such as face-to-face marketing or tract distribution, or online advertising such as advertising on various websites. You should know that social networks are not a new concept, humans have been sitting by the fire for centuries and socializing with each other and building social networks. The advent of digital tools has made social media more popular these days. It is better to know the following three concepts to define social networks:

The number of social networks around the world is increasing every day.

 The lists 50 of the most popular social networks in order that you can take a look at. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc. are among the most popular social networks among Iranian users.

Each of these social networks has a different environment and its own audience, even the behavior of people in each application is very different. The best example to get acquainted with this topic is reviewing Instagram and Twitter contacts. You may be wondering why you should be aware of the behavior of people on different social networks; People’s behavior on social networks determines how advertising and its process. For example, the ads you do on Twitter are not suitable for Instagram at all.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

The existence of social networks and the growth of their audiences, made brands and companies think about using these spaces to introduce themselves and their products. On the other hand, the owners of these applications also thought about changes in their software and prepared them for business models. Based on audience behavior, they publish updates at short intervals. It is enough to pay attention to this process; You will learn the importance of social media. In fact, social media marketing is a model of digital or internet marketing and these applications are used for advertising in the web environment. The choice of social network, audience and advertising content depends on the purpose of the brand and the company. By producing the right content and publishing it on the right social network, you can increase user participation and ultimately achieve the goal.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Where to start marketing on social media?

Before doing anything, you need to first define and write down your goal and strategy for social media marketing. Answer this question first, why do you want to advertise? By answering this question, the purpose of advertising is determined. You may say at first that it is clear and I want my company’s sales to increase. Yes, the goal of any ad is ultimately sales and more customers, but the way to reach sales is the number of people. Increasing social page followers, increasing site traffic, increasing phone calls, viewing more of the landing page, etc., can each be the goal of your ad. After setting the goal, you should do the following steps.

You need to be constantly present on the social networks where your audience is active. It may be just one social network, for example Instagram, you may be active in several social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc. The behavior and type of content is different in each of these networks. The only common denominator is the activity and continuous presence and dissemination of content on these networks.

Knowing your brand audience, product, and marketing goal is one of the most important steps you can take. If you advertise without knowing your audience, you will no doubt fail. As the saying goes, you have to get the persona of the audience, the customer, the buyer and the consumer. To reach the person in each group, you must communicate with them; Be aware of their geographical location, chat with them in forums, respond to blog comments, and be active in blogs where your target audience is present, answer comments, ask questions to find out what your audience needs. . You can also use social media analytics tools to get feedback. All of these, in addition to the solutions not covered in this article, will help you identify your audience. 


 Get involved in any business today, you must have a competitor. Having a good competitor that is not helps you to have a more open view of the market and be aware of the available spaces. When you look at your competitor, both in terms of product and marketing, you become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This awareness will affect your work progress and the type of advertising and will also stimulate your creativity.


 Before producing content, you need to prepare and write a content strategy to produce the content you want based on it. This strategy will help you determine the type of content. Without a content strategy, you will not be able to plan properly. This map and get directions to your drawing and using it you can go forward step by step. In the next step after preparing a content strategy, you should prepare a content calendar and produce and publish content based on it. This calendar, in addition to organizing your work, allows you to easily see the progress. Change or modify your strategy as needed.

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For social media marketing, once the audience and the social network have been selected, it is time to produce content. This content may include photos, videos, audio, text, and more. Based on your goal, you need to determine what your content should look like. Sometimes your content is not advertising and is just sponsored content and sometimes you want to introduce and offer a product. Depending on the purpose, produce the right content, and of course, pay attention to the quality of the content. The quality of the content is very important these days, because the audience is faced with all kinds of advertising in an environment full of advertising content and returns. As a result, your content, in addition to being of good quality, must also be creative in order to attract the audience. Once the content has been produced, it is time to schedule the release. You need to know that time and continuity in publishing content, especially on the brand page and company, is very important and makes the audience always observe you and stay in their minds. For social media marketing, you need to be active in them on an ongoing basis. 


As we said, many of these applications have produced and marketed versions for businesses. This version compared to generic versions are advantages and features for businesses with the launch of this version, you can select the features such as location, share links and more. Design a template suitable for social networking posts and find peak times and post your posts at those times. Aside from content and posting, you need to be online and responding to your contacts all day long.


 After publishing content and advertising, you should check the behavior of the audience. Advertising without analysis is pouring money into the atmosphere, accept this fact and take this step seriously. User behavior shows you different and important things that you can not do without progress. Engaging users with content and advertising shows that your advertising campaign is successful. By analyzing user behavior, you can improve your ads over time.

The most important social networking platforms

As the article explained, behavior and ad networks in each community is different. With the right look at this issue, you can choose the appropriate social network and method and be active in them. The secret here briefly describes the most popular social networks used in Iran.


This social network has become the most popular social network among Iranians these days. The fact that this application is not filtered has caused many businesses to make money through it. You should know that Instagram is ranked 7th in the world by more than 24 million Iranian users. If you pay close attention to these statistics, you will understand what they say about the content and ads that surround the user. That’s why you have to be careful in producing content. In this space, most of the content is created by different people such as celebrities, brands, companies, bloggers, influencers, advertising pages. There are various advertising spaces on Instagram, including Instagram sponsored ads, ads on popular pages, influencer and celebrity ads, cluster ads, etc. There is; However, marketing on Instagram has a very big world, which is not a good opportunity to fully explain it, and we will repeat it in other articles.


 Many experts believe that Telegram is not a social network and is only a communication application. However, the unique features of Telegram such as channels, groups, etc. have made Telegram popular. Before being filtered, Telegram became known as one of the most popular and popular communication applications among Iranians, with more than 40 million users. After filtering Telegram in 1397, more than 80% of the users of this application remained on this application and continued to use this application. Telegram, like Instagram, has a lot of advertising space. Advertising in popular channels, active groups, robots are among the advertising spaces that we will talk about in detail in another article. In the current situation, there are more than 5,000 active advertising channels in Telegram, which have created a suitable environment for business growth. 

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 Twitter is a text-based social network. The clues of many viral posts go back to this social network. The behavior of the audience on Twitter is very different from Instagram, Facebook and any other social network. To be aware of this issue, just turn around on this Twitter to be aware of tweets, terms and user behaviors. In this case, you will realize that you have to work in this network in a different style. There is no exact estimate of the number of Iranian users active on Twitter, but according to statistics from the stat counter website  In January 2016, about 12% of Iranians used Twitter. Considering the 45 million social network users in Iran, it is estimated that 5.5 million Iranians use Twitter. However, there is another estimate that the number of Iranian users on Twitter is less than 1.5 million. Despite having a smaller audience than Telegram and Instagram, this social network has a strong impact on the political climate of society. In this social network, users mainly express their dissatisfaction. Many politicians, social media activists, civil rights activists, journalists, and government officials have Twitter accounts. One of the advertising features of Twitter is that this social network, unlike Telegram and Instagram, is considered almost pristine in terms of advertising. In this space, users do not directly advertise their product or campaigns. Few companies and businesses have been able to create and grow a Twitter page for themselves. One of the most important factors for failure in this area is the lack of sufficient knowledge of this social network by organizations and businesses. .

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 This social network is suitable for businesses and professionals in various fields. Most companies and brands are present on LinkedIn and publish their news and statistics on this network. Through this social network, they will find their expert force. By attending LinkedIn and publishing the right content, you can market your product.


 You may be wondering if anyone is still using Facebook, your not using this social network is not a reason for this social media to be popular, always know that you do not attribute your behavior to society. Since the beginning of 2007, Facebook has become the most popular social network in Iran. This social network first became popular among Iranians abroad and then was widely used by Iranians inside the country. Iranians used Facebook the most between 2008 and 2012. After filtering Facebook and replacing mobile social networks in Iran, users ‘use of this social network decreased sharply, so that in 2015, with the reduction of Iranians’ use of Facebook, the number of users of this social network decreased to 4.5 million users. . With the decrease in the use of users, organizations and companies also reduced the activity of their pages in this network and migrated to newer generations of social networks. This social network, despite being filtered, still has a loyal audience. Also, the presence of various Facebook business features will help you. Of course, the existence of various sanctions by Facebook has made things difficult, but there are still ways to circumvent it.


The world of social media marketing is vast. Today, social networks have become an integral part of our lives as Iranians. The colorful presence of Iranians in various social networks has created a suitable atmosphere for marketing and advertising on social networks. This article first defines one of the newest terms in the world of marketing, namely social media marketing. We had an overview of the most widely used social media platforms and how to get started in these spaces. However, the complete training on this subject is very extensive. We are going to tell you a piece of this world in each article to complete the puzzle of marketing mysteries in social media together. Secret can help your colorful presence in the most famous social networks, just contact us.