What is Best Telegram Member Price?

Best Price for Buying members is one of the best ways to increase your Telegram membership. Cibu is one of the most experienced sites in the field of consulting and selling real Telegram fake members for Telegram channels and groups that have 10 years of experience in providing Internet services. Has provided services to more than a few thousand businesses and telegram channels. If you want to buy a member, you can buy a Telegram member online, and if you have any questions, contact the contact number inside the site or contact us via Telegram.

Best Price List [Average price]

Considering the prices of major sellers and individual customers

Real Member : $0.22 to $22 per 1000 user
Fake Members : $0.29 to $9 per 1000 user
Telegram View : $0.005 to $ per 1000 view

Where Can I Find Best and Cheap Price?

You Can Use Our Reseller Panel: Telegram Sellers panel Or Telegram Shop

These days, all businesses need a Telegram

m member, why? Because one of the most important factors in increasing the credibility of the Internet and social networks is having telegram pages and channels with many members, so the Cibu team has made this issue very simple for businesses by providing very practical ways and services to increase Telegram members. .

Some services offered by Cibu can be mentioned as Fake Telegram member and real member and Telegram visit. All these services are provided for both Telegram channel and Telegram group. Of course, in addition to the services we announced, our team will increase the special service. Telegram has a vote that thanks to this service, you can easily win Telegram polls.

why we need members?

Why should we buy a Telegram member?

Telegram membership increases can vary depending on the type of business , but the main reason for this is the increase in sales for businesses and the increase in revenue for content-oriented channels such as news channels, entertainment channels and so on. Let me simplify this with an example, suppose you have a clothing telegram channel, your current channel membership is 200 people, if a customer enters your channel and even likes the type of clothing you offer but does not buy, go to What do you think could be one of the reasons this customer did not buy from you?

According to the research we have done on different channels, one of the main reasons for this is not having enough members and not having enough channel visits! Isn’t it interesting? As the number of channel members increases and the number of views increases in proportion to it, more users trust that channel and this issue has more psychological burden and the customer inadvertently thinks in his mind that this channel has a high number of members and customers Many follow this brand so it is reliable.

What are the ways to increase channel membership?

In general, there are specific ways to increase the channel member, and in general, the channel member is divided into two categories: fake members and real members, each of which is divided into different categories, which we will fully describe in the following.

Fake Member : At the moment I am writing this article, there are 2 types of fake members.

Fake member without shedding

A normal fake member is of high quality but has a drop and the rate of loss is about 10 to 20%, but a fake member without a drop, as its name implies, is without a drop and has a very high quality. Of course, the word “no drop” can be misleading, “no drop” means a drop that is not done by the members themselves, but Telegram is very opposed to the issue of fake members and is constantly updating its algorithms to identify these types of members and may At intervals, it can identify and delete even members with a name without a drop.

Actual Member : There are currently several ways to increase the actual guaranteed membership, the types of which are described below.

Best Price for telegram
Best Price for telegram member

Mandatory member is a type of member who enters your channel by force, these members are people who have installed unofficial telegrams such as Mobogram or My Telegram, and in exchange for additional services they receive in these telegrams, see ads and one of These ads are a mandatory addition to various telegram channels.

Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can see on the page related to mandatory membership .

A pop-up member is a type of advertisement that opens a page on the user’s phone and sees your channel ads and becomes a member of your channel if you click on it. Unfortunately, this method has been blocked by Telegram for a long time, and in addition to being blocked by Telegram itself, Telegram filtering also had a very negative effect on the quality of this type of member. Currently, there are sites that offer this type of member, but due to the fact that this service is restricted by both Telegram and Telegram in Iran, we decided to stop selling it, because it is very different from the actual member of Ed Method. It is not mandatory.

A proxy member is a relatively new method that has been added. In this method, when a user uses the MTProto Telegram service, a channel is added as a proxy to their channel list and is permanently displayed in the user channel list at the top of the screen. If the user joins the channel, the sponsor channel will be removed from the top list and placed in the chat list among other channels.

This method is very expensive and maybe if you advertise in quality Telegram channels, it is more valuable, why? Because the user joins the channel just to remove the channel from the top list and may not be interested in the channel topic at all.

Will our channel be blocked by Telegram by purchasing a Telegram member?

If you do not have the patience to read the rest of the text, I have to say “no” in one word. Hit a fake or real member for his competitors and block his channel.

Currently, Telegram blocks channels only because of copyright and immoral content, which we have discussed in an article on how to increase Telegram membership in the blog section. You can read the article by visiting the blog section below.

Will the members lose by buying Telegram members?

It depends on whether you buy a fake member or a real one, any real member will fall because they are real users and if they do not like the content of the channel, they will definitely give up, but a fake member, as we explained in the section above, has two models with a fall. And they have no loss, if you buy a member without a loss, it will not be a loss on the part of the members, but if Telegram detects it, it may delete them.