What is Telegram Marketing?

What is Telegram Marketing?

Full Telegram Marketing Tutorial

Telegram is a very popular messaging platform. In recent years, Telegram has attracted the attention of many digital marketers for Telegram marketing activities. There is no doubt that Telegram is a great tool for marketing, and learning how to use it properly for marketing purposes is a key step in improving your content advertising strategy.

Over the past few years, messengers have gained many users, such as social media. Telegram is one of the newest messengers that has quickly gained worldwide popularity. Marketers, who are looking for exciting opportunities for targeted content distribution, quickly turned to using this messenger and Telegram marketing.

What is Telegram Marketing?

Telegram is a messaging platform, but it has the ability to be recognized as one of the marketing tools and methods. Using features such as channels, robots and telegram groups, digital marketing activities can be widely used for business and commerce in this messenger.

One of the great features of Telegram is having the ability to create groups and super groups for high-speed mass communication and use it to achieve the goals we will fully explore below. In addition, you can apply for permissions for each member of the group.

Other features that make Telegram a popular social network include it’s free, high security, availability and universality, and its variety of free stickers. All these features have made Telegram very popular and even very useful after being blocked in many countries around the world!

More precisely, if we want to do Telegram marketing activities, it is more appropriate to use the Telegram channel feature. In fact, if you want to produce and distribute targeted content, you can use Telegram channels to communicate directly with your audience.

In other words, a telegram channel can be likened to a Facebook page where people share content to their members. In addition to instantly publishing content among an unlimited number of channel members, Telegram also allows you to control the number of viewers of the content of each post.

Telegram Marketing Goals

Note that to get started, it’s a good idea to set your goal or goals in advance and plan based on your goals so that you can get the best results.Increase sales and conversion rates

Increase website and blog traffic

improve brand awareness

Personal Branding Development

Effective communication with people in the same field

Just make money from advertising

Telegram Marketing Goals
Telegram Marketing Goals

Telegram channel

After creating a telegram channel, consider a good and appropriate name with a photo for it. The first thing users encounter is the name and photo of your channel. So these two indicators are very important and you should try to place your brand message and reach the audience in the name and image that you prepare for your channel.

In addition to the above, try to consider the link and address of the channel as simple and innovative, and other criteria that are important in relation to the Telegram channel, we can mention the description section.

You can refer to your Telegram channel by selecting the Edit option and going to the channel settings section. You can then provide a brief and useful explanation in the Description section.

I would like to explain a brief description of the channel’s activities and a way to communicate with the channel’s admin in this section. Also, enter the channel link and your website link in this section. In fact, when the audience visits your channel, they can understand your goal and make more interaction from the collection of names, images and descriptions of your channel!

The purpose of creating a group with your channel is that the audience in that section can discuss your services and products, thereby increasing the interaction rate. In addition, you can enjoy the comments, criticisms and suggestions of users, as well as identify the audience of your audience, which I will fully describe in the following criteria.

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Audience in Telegram

One of the most effective ways to get to know your audience in Telegram is to use telegram groups. The characters are a series of fictional characters whose behavioral patterns, goals, needs, and personality traits are very close to those of our ideal audience. In fact, telegram groups are created based on the discussion and analysis of the field in which you operate.

Audience in Telegram
Audience in Telegram

You can set generalized and personalized criteria for your audience. Then, using the specified factors and criteria and the type of benefit of each audience from each criterion, put them in several categories. My suggestion to you to get started is to consider three general characters for your audience using the following criteria.

Suitable criteria for audience categorization

Specialization level (interested, expert, manager)

Assigning scores to people’s specialized knowledge

Job status (intern, unemployed, business owner, freelancer, etc.)

Academic status (student, graduate)


Age classification

The level of work activity and mastery of people

The reason for joining the channel (superficial learning, specialized learning, advertising, etc.)

How to share contacts in Telegram

Telegram users don’t like and do not read long content

Too many posts a day makes users tired

Duplicate content causes members to fall

Users in Telegram welcome non-textual content more

Analysis of competing channels

When you analyze the behavior of your competitors, you can learn many lessons from it. In fact, by doing so, in addition to learning how to perform well and logically, you also notice the mistakes of your competitors and do not repeat them yourself.

The following are valuable criteria for analyzing competitors and how they work. You can dramatically improve your Telegram marketing strategy with proper planning and the use of metrics.

1. Number of posts published per day, The type and content of each post

2. How to exchange

3. Reasons for interacting with audiences and member growth

4. Number and type of ads used

5. How to place ads among other posts

6. Check the weaknesses and strengths of the content

7. The main goals of the channel

8. Duration of channel activity

Finally, it should be noted that the analysis of rivals related to time intervals is not limited. Instead, you need to use a predetermined strategy to evaluate competitors intermittently and purposefully. As a result, your learning process will accelerate and you will be more purposeful in achieving your desired factors in Telegram marketing.

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Hashtags in Telegram

In addition to the content of the Telegram channel, you can also use hashtags. Hashtags help you find relevant posts on the Telegram channel and highlight keywords. You can also use hashtags to better identify serial posts.

In fact, by using hashtags, you provide easy and convenient access for your users, especially new users who can use this feature to search for content. In fact, the same content and precise categorization of content will help you increase your membership.

Hashtags in Telegram
Hashtags in Telegram

Of course, when it comes to using hashtags, you have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use duplicate hashtags. Using hashtags should be accurate and logical and appropriate to the content, and you should not overuse hashtags.

Increase membership by connecting to other channels

One way to increase your Telegram channel membership is to share valuable channels with your peers. Try not to sell the content you use for exchanges or direct ads. In fact, by doing so, you show that you value and respect the user’s personality.

When preparing content for exchange, try to avoid magnifying and publishing false and misleading content! In fact, if you attract members with this, the number of members will drop after a while.

Before you start exchanging, it’s a good idea to check the channel and see if it fits your audience’s personality. Try to exchange a few days apart to get better feedback and don’t use robots at all.

After the exchange process has taken place, you can analyze the results and feedback obtained and, if the results are appropriate, repeat the exchanges at regular intervals.

Reasons for members to leave the Telegram channel or group

Sell posts
Too many posts
Failure to meet audience expectations
Lots of ads per month
Non-activity-related advertising
Publish posts without a plan and in a row
Use high volume files for post content
Lots of boring text
Excessive exchange

Telegram’s Security

The main purpose of this service is to connect and connect people, and to establish these connections and connections in a protected way, it uses a two-layer encryption system. In fact, Telegram guarantees that all your information and conversations will not be published outside its platform and that your privacy will be protected.

People’s privacy is very valuable. For example, the social media scandal created by Facebook, which caused the security problems to be published and the privacy laws violated.

Telegram even has a secure messaging feature called Hidden Chat, which has features such as a clear time frame and non-traceability.

On the other hand, in Telegram, you can set a username that provides you with a personal t.me/… link. You can share this link with your audience, so they can communicate with you without knowing your phone number. You can use this feature to provide better and more services to your audience.

Conclusion and closing remarks

Now that you are familiar with the details of Telegram marketing, I suggest you start marketing activities on this popular messenger. Of course, keep in mind that according to your overall marketing strategy, use Telegram Marketing purposefully to take you a few steps closer to achieving your goals.


What is Telegram Marketing Goals

The purpose of marketing in Telegram is to increase membership as well as increase your sales.

How much does Telegram Marketing help us?

Of course, you can’t make much progress if you don’t have enough information.

How to do Telegram Marketing?

You can grow quickly and dramatically by learning the tips of Telegram Marketing.