Why should we use Telegram to strengthen our business?

These days, the e-commerce method is becoming more and more widespread. A new topic that has recently taken on a very serious color and smell in the online business industry is the category of mobile marketing or mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is one of the new and very influential methods in modern internet business, which has provided many opportunities for various jobs. It is clear why any online business should pay special attention to this issue. The number of Internet users is increasing, and more than half of these users own one of today’s smartphones, and many have switched from personal computers to their mobile phones. This shows the hot and lucrative platform of mobile internet marketing.

Various applications and programs have been released in this regard. This time we want to point out the most popular programs and messengers used by users in different countries and explain the strong and proven reasons why this messenger should be used for commercial purposes. Our topic is the popular Telegram messenger.

Why Telegram?

Although there are other similar programs in this field, the reason we have chosen Telegram is the high potential and practical features that are not available in other social networks and messengers. It’s also worth noting that Telegram is currently the most popular messenger used by Iranians, with more than 500 million active users worldwide. Therefore, there is no need to attract the audience and introduce this messenger to customers.

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Telegram has features that set it apart from other similar messengers. Features that will be useful and very profitable for your business. Here are the top 10 + 6 exclusive features of this powerful messenger in this area, and explain why we should use Telegram to grow our business.

Telegram is completely free

It doesn’t matter how much you use this messenger per day and how much information you send or receive through it. There is no charge for using Telegram. The interesting thing is that unlike some other similar messengers, Telegram has no time and volume limitations, and your chat information will be stored on Telegram’s servers forever. In addition, Telegram allows you to send and share text, photos, videos, songs, and audio files. This means that you are not limited in any way to communication. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Because we know that media files are an integral part of business and online activities.


Many entrepreneurs and businesses are engaged in business activities in different groups. Telegram allows these people to engage in separate activities in different groups. This way, you can plan your activities and grow your online business in a variety of ways. These groups can be categorized in different cases. You can categorize your groups in terms of age, user interests, regional activities, etc., and publish your messages and announcements in them without the slightest delay. [Check Here : Telegram member panel]

Groupings in telegram

User participation

The many of users in Telegram Messenger has made it possible for users to participate in order to increase the brand’s reputation and progress. You can make the most of their presence and cooperation. For example, you can ask them to make you more popular and famous by introducing your products at the level of Telegram and other groups. To encourage them, you can use various campaigns and give them prizes in exchange for introducing and sharing your brand, product or service. There are always a lot of active users who do such collaborations, and the breadth of Telegram will pave the way for this collaboration.

This is an almost inexpensive ad, and with a few simple methods you can introduce yourself to a significant number of users. Your only important task in this regard is to choose the right goals and targeted users. By identifying your users and customers, you can facilitate this successful process.

Easy and 24 hour customer support

With the proliferation of online activities, modern users are more inclined to use online support than telephone support. Telegram has provided a good platform for you as a brand and business and for your users and customers so that you can easily support them. In this case, users will send you their problems clearly by writing text, and you can guide them better.

This is very simple, unlike phone support, which requires a word-for-word explanation, and the text of the problems is saved and does not need to be explained again. These benefits make your relationship with your customers closer and easier. Especially since many users are not interested in talking. This will gain the trust of customers and their support will be possible in a longer period of time.

These support models are what an online business needs to keep customers loyal. Also, using Telegram for this purpose, you don’t even need to chat online and online support on your site anymore, and you can ignore this extra cost and replace it with this support system.


The topic of advertising is one of the biggest features of Telegram, through which various jobs can easily and without the need for additional costs, can create a profitable advertising network through communication channels. This way, you can display your ads widely through Telegram users. You can display your desired ad, which can be a video, photo or audio file, in different groups or popular channels. The cost of advertising on today’s Telegram channels is proportional to their return.

Also, another system that helps you to introduce your brand and products completely free of charge more than before, is the possibility of exchanging with other channels and partners. This way, you can put other people’s ads on your channel, and in return, your ads will be published on the other party’s channel. In this case, the user exchange is done without spending with a simple cooperation and hundreds of regular customers can be attracted from them.

Quick feedback from users

Telegram is not only an easy way to connect with your customers, but also a quick way for users to connect with you. Quick user feedback makes your brand a unique feature. You can use this feature to receive customer feedback and ideas and take ideas to improve your products and services. In today’s modern world, telegrams are the fastest way to make such connections. People usually use email or phone calls much less for such feedback.

Using Telegram to communicate has less time and money and can be done much faster. It is also worth noting that Telegram, due to its lightness and high speed, even has the ability to connect to weak Internet, and therefore can be used anywhere and anytime. Professional businesses use such tools not only to communicate, but also to conduct polls and so on. This is very easy and hassle-free with the help of powerful Telegram robots.

Quick feedback from users
Quick feedback from users

High Security

Aside from other issues, security is always one of the most important issues in choosing a messenger. Security is one of the most important elements of a Telegram messenger. The developers of this program have stated that the security methods used in Telegram have made it impossible to hack it, and according to them, there is no way to penetrate it to steal information. Unlike many other messengers whose security holes have become problematic, Telegram is very secure and does not pose a threat.

Telegram officials have set a reward of $ 300,000 for hacking, and so far, several years after the release of the messenger, no hacker has been able to hack into Telegram’s servers. This high security and exemplary security assures you that there is no danger of your confidential information being spread. At the same time, high security leads more customers and users to use such messaging.

According to the Falcongaze Research Center in 2016, Telegram Messenger ranks first in terms of information security.

Availability and publicity

Telegram is one of the few messengers of today that is available on almost all platforms. This means you can have Telegram on mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Telegram has also released a desktop version for Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition to these platforms, Telegram has even developed a web-based platform that can be used without the need to install the program itself.

Such a problem indicates that anyone who is an Internet user in any way can certainly be a member of the Telegram family. Another noteworthy point in this regard is that users can simultaneously use a Telegram account on all these platforms, and the Active sessions section will be notified of the latest devices connected to their account and manage them. The information in the telegram is synced instantly, and therefore, many uses of this feature can be made.

Free and diverse stickers

Telegram stickers are a very important and popular part of this program. While many other messengers don’t have sticker packs that way or are paid, Telegram offers hundreds and thousands of completely free sticker packs. Apart from the stickers that are introduced by Telegram from time to time, sub-sticker packs are also produced and shared. These stickers are another way to introduce your brand and gain popularity among users.

Successful Iranian companies such as Snap And a few big companies have not lagged behind in this caravan and have significantly expanded their brand by making and offering their exclusive stickers. Making a sticker is very easy for Telegram. Just design your desired images and save them in PNG format. Then use the Stickers. Robot to turn your images into stickers. In order to better introduce your brand, we suggest that you put the name of your brand or website next to the images with a small font.

Secure money transfer

Although it is currently possible to transfer money and digital currency online in Telegram only in Brazil and Russia, this feature is expected to be available in more countries. Such a capability makes this messenger prove that its high security is reliable. This feature transforms the business activities of online businesses and allows them to transfer money through Telegram’s interbank system at a much higher speed and security.

It is true that it is unlikely that such a system will work in Iran, but at least it can be considered a new window on foreign exchange. Many Internet businesses in Iran are working with foreign companies, and the transfer of Telegram’s secure funds in this regard will help these people.

These 10 items were important and general features of Telegram that can be used well for online business activities. But other than that, Telegram has features that are exclusive to other messengers. These features make Telegram stand out in general. Here are six of these features.

Secret Chat

The Telegram Chat or Secret Chat tool is an exclusive feature that is encrypted between two people. With this system, two people can chat in complete security with the help of End-to-end encryption or so-called encryption. In this system, only these two people are able to see the messages and no server, robot or other peripheral system will have access to this information because these messages pass through two encrypted layers that are created by the users themselves. In this case, the Telegram server will not play any role in receiving and sending this information.

Secret Chat
telegram secret chat

Although the security of Telegram is very high, but if you want to send your messages in the safest possible way, this method will be suitable for you. Secret Chat is a unique way to send and receive confidential information. The history of hidden chats is only stored on people’s devices and is not stored on Telegram servers. As a result, if a user deletes a message from a hidden chat, that message is also deleted for the other party. Also, the information in the hidden chats will be deleted after deleting and reinstalling the Telegram application or logging in to the same account on another device.

Ability to automatically delete messages and accounts

Another unique feature of Telegram that has been added for some time is another security feature. This feature allows the user to record a period of time for messages so that the desired messages are deleted and disappear after the specified time.

This feature is suitable for times when users want to send important information to a person or persons who need to be deleted immediately after reading. But the other side may not be present at the same time. In this case, you can send timed messages to be automatically deleted after the specified time without your intervention.

Telegram has also considered such a system for its own account. For this purpose, a feature called Account self-destruct is considered in the security and privacy section in the settings section. By setting this up, users can choose one of the options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and a year. Telegram then starts counting the days from the date you are not online, and if your account is not online by the time set by you, Telegram will automatically deactivate and delete it.

High-speed servers + cloud space

Telegram stores users’ information, including messages, images, videos, etc., on its cloud servers. High-speed, almost unlimited servers that allow users to share their files on these servers as much as they want. Telegram also stores the history of all your chats on the same servers so that you have access to all past chats whenever you want.

These cloud servers are very fast and have no volume limit for users. So you can use these servers not only for personal purposes, but also as a professional and completely free tool for your internet business. For example, if you don’t have a download host, you can upload your videos and heavy files to Telegram and make them available to users. It is safe to say that nearly half of the success of Telegram’s admin administrators in Yemen is due to the existence of these cloud servers.

cloud space
Telegram cloud space

Telegram is not disabled or sold

There is always the concern of whether using an online system or tool has an expiration date. Especially for those who use these systems in online business. There are also concerns about Telegram’s mobile marketing and messaging, but senior officials at the messenger said Telegram would not be disabled or sold. Although buying WhatsApp at exorbitant prices on Facebook has made it seem unreliable to users, Telegram has said it has no plans to do so.

According to the developers of Telegram, this program is a non-organizational and private project and it is not possible to sell it. This means that the information of users, channels, etc. will remain constant in Telegram and will not fall into the hands of various organs and organizations. This can be good news for online businesses to safely consider developing their Telegram business.

Telegram bots

Telegram robots are undoubtedly one of the most important tools that have turned Telegram from an ordinary messenger to a versatile and intelligent messenger. Interestingly, the number of professional and usable robots for commercial purposes in this messenger is very high, and they are increasing every day. Examples include robots for surveying, informing, and managing channels. As the admin of a channel or an active user in Telegram, you can use these robots to automatically transfer your work and various tasks from manual to automatic mode

Fortunately, the robots have been released in various fields and have actually made Telegram smarter. Nearly 90% of these robots are completely free, and there are no restrictions on their usual use. Iranian developers have also played an important role in the construction and expansion of these robots, and have released dozens of Iranian practical robots in Persian.

Since Telegram is based on an open source system, you, as a normal user, will be able to create a robot simply in Telegram. You can then expand your robot with the help of online code or standard coding. One of the most widely used uses of these robots is to create a 24-hour online support system.

In many cases, the robots of some online businesses can even act as an accountant or secretary. In this respect, Telegram has reached a very attractive development. You can also grow your internet business by developing one or more robots. Robots make you spend less time on Telegram and do your work more accurately and regularly.

With all this talk and all the high potential that Telegram has for the advancement of any online business, using it properly requires careful attention to detail. First, all sections of society are present in this messenger, and you must have predetermined goals for your targeted advertising and follow them. Otherwise, your advertising and effort may be wasted due to the large number of regular users and lower levels.

The competition in Telegram is very close and it is necessary to pay attention to this issue. If you don’t do the right thing and don’t compete as well as you should, you’ll be easily sidelined and replaced by new or old competitors. So try not to throw yourself into the water and start your activity purposefully.


Exactly why we should choose Telegram?

There are many reasons, such as being completely free, having many users, and high security

Does Telegram Really Help Us Grow Business?

Yes, most large businesses are currently operating in Telegram and have received good feedback

How to get your business into Telegram?

It’s completely free and you’re not going to pay for it. All you have to do is create a channel and group for your business and continue to use our articles