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2 : All services have a drop Down rate : this is quite normal, this percentage is higher in real methods and lower in virtual methods.
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[ TOP Cibu Telegram Services ]

Offline Channel Subscribers

  • instant Delivery
  • 200K Capacity
  • Low Drop Rate
  • offline members
  • Safe for channels
  • normal speed Increase
  • Start at [ 0.5 $ ]
  • Gift [ 10% More ]
  • +1200 Happy Customer
  • +150 Happy Review

Real Channel Subscribers

  • Super instant Delivery
  • 500k Capacity
  • Gift [ 10% More ]
  • Asian & Russia Users
  • Real Members
  • Forec add Method
  • Quick order completion
  • Start at [ 0.5 $ ]
  • +2300 Happy Customer
  • +350 Happy Review

Channel Post Views

  • Super instant Delivery
  • Channle Views
  • 500K Capacity
  • Start at [ 0.5 $ ]
  • Drop Rate % [0]
  • Gift [ 10% More ]
  • 100 Last posts
  • Real Views
  • +1200 Happy Customer​
  • +200 Happy Review

Fake Groups Member

  • Telegram Group users
  • 100K Capacity
  • all method Support
  • all Bots Support
  • Cheap Price
  • 100% Safe users
  • 100% Fast Delivery
  • Start at [ 1 $ ]
  • +600 Happy Customer
  • +150 Happy Review

Buy Telegram Subscribers telegram - Buy Telegram Members

buy telegram channel member 

They are active people who are added to your channel with force add. Force add is a specific way and in this method our unofficial telegram members are invited to your channel and after this invitation their presence in your channel depends on your subject and your activities. 

In this method people have to be online in our unofficial telegram channel to invite them and this shows that members are active. 

Because real telegram members are active and can decide to stay or not, so there is a possibility that between 20% to 40% of them can leave the channel. Pay attention that real members in the method of force add are chosen between Iran, Russia, Iraq and etc randomly, lowest buy telegram members services Price.


Buy Offline Telegram Members fake - Buy Telegram Members

buy offline telegram users

They are real accounts, but inactive ones and you can only use them for increasing the numbers of channel and its members. Of course you have to think about the quantity and quality of the channel. If you are the owner of a business I suggest you to increase the number if your members then work on the quality. 

Decreasing rate in offline telegram members is between 5% to 20%. in buy telegram fake members services have droprate but its not to much because telegram deletes off-line and inactive(fake) members once in a while. 


Buy Telegram Targeted Group Members target - Buy Telegram Members

( ICO – Crypto – Geo Targeted Members )

buy telegram member for crypto groups

It’s a proper option for improvement of your business, but this method can only be used in telegram groups and not in channels. First in this method you have to find the groups that relate to your business and you send them to us, we can invite the members of that group to your group. 

This method can enter the people you need in your business to your group which is a very big step forward for you. 

Targeted member is one of the safest methods for increasing and improving in telegram. 

Telegram Channel Post Views eye - Buy Telegram Members

Channel view is one of valuable services in telegram that attracts the attention of most businesses which are active in the telegram. One of important and noticeable issues for telegram channel admins is the number of views on posts and contents which is decreased because of increasing the number of channels in variety of subjects. You can increase the number of views in your channel with using this serviceT


Buy Fake Telegram Group memebrs team - Buy Telegram Members

buy telegram group members

They are fake and inactive members to increase the number of your group members, so they have no activity and they only increase the number of members. Mostly they have a name and a profile picture, so in appearance they look like real members. 

If you only want to increase the number of members, you can use this method

buy telegram member 24 1024x241 - Buy Telegram Members

Telegram Channel Services

Buy Telegram Members for channels In both real and virtual methods ( High Quality ، Highest Speed  )

Telegram Group Services

Buy Telegram Group members With the best business and area categories, Suggestions for Telegram Working Groups

Telegram Serach Engine

The largest group source and channels are telegrams with regular sorting, More than 18,000 telegram group

Telegram Coin Services

Currency telegram exchange service coming soon on the website and you can use it

Cibu Telegram Channel

Subscribe to our official channel to get the latest news and coupon discounts for Cibu [ over 300,000 users ]

buy telegram channel member

A telegram member is one of the most effective ways to make your channel valuable and you need to grow your members to grow in this network, Increasing a member of a telegram channel is not easy and requires a lot of work and of course there are some simple ways to do it, such as buying a channel member. To start shopping you can select the service from the main menu, Cibu can put you at the top of the telegram

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