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🔴 Mixed Member [20-40% Drop]

✅ Free Auto View [1 time per day for the last 100 channel posts]
✅ Attention : 20% bonus if you pay with or Perfect Money

✅ After payment, send a message in Telegram to Transfer the Prepared channel to Your Telegram account


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Prepared Channel and Group

Using this product, you can buy a ready-made Telegram channel with the desired number of members

How does this service work?

In this method, you select the number of members for the ready channel, and we transfer the ownership of the channel to you in full. This method is completely safe and non-refundable
This means that if the ownership of the channel is transferred to you, the transferor cannot take it back.

For example: if you want a channel with 100,000 members, we will create it with our account and after the members are completed, we will transfer the channel management to you.


What kind of members are there in these channels or Group?

In this method, the channels have mixed members. Both real and fake
And the percentage of organ drop is between 20 and 40%.


Why should I buy a ready channel?

This way you will not have to wait to get members and you will get members much faster.

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5,000 member Channel, 10,000 member Channel, 15,000 member Channel, 20,000 member Channel, 30,000 member Channel, 50,000 member Channel