Can Telegram be used as a marketing Tool?

Can Telegram be used as a marketing tool?

Telegram application, which has grown a lot as a messaging social network in the last few years, has many fans in the world, especially in our country. Viber and WhatsApp have been completely forgotten since Telegram came out. Of course, WhatsApp still has many Iranian users, but it will never reach Telegram. For Internet marketers and advertising campaign designers, the emergence of new social networks is nothing new.

Many people think that Telegram can be a targeted tool for many Internet business owners and eliminate many of the problems of online businesses. Telegram, which is completely free like other social networks, can be a good tool for progress in interacting with business users. In this article, I’m going to talk about Telegram Messenger and its benefits. And whether Telegram can be used as a marketing tool? Or not!

Telegram’s unique features

Increase Telegram users

One of the advantages of this messaging social network is that its users are increasing day by day. It is interesting to know that 220,000 people join Telegram every day and about 15 billion messages are exchanged between users per day. Many marketing experts believe that Telegram is a professional tool in Internet marketing and should not be underestimated in any way.

Very high security

One of the things that sets Telegram from its competitors is its very high security. In Telegram, you can use Secret Chat, which has a very professional encryption to chat. Telegram messages can be set with a self-destruct feature. For example, you can specify that messages will be deleted after a day or a week and will no longer be visible. This feature is very useful for many internet marketers. For example, you can set an expiration date for your time-saving discount codes that you send to your users.

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Telegram channel

One of the features that Telegram has added to its app is channel creation. Telegram has offered something more than a two-person, group chat. You can connect with many people through the channel. You can send your message to your users through the channel. Through the channel, you can send any message, including text, photos, links, etc., to your users whenever you like, and you will be notified by your users when the moment is seen. This is a great tool for internet marketing.

A professional tool for public advertising

Telegram is a professional marketing tool. With the posts you share on this messaging network, you can turn it into the hands of many users. Suppose you share a post on your channel that is of interest to some of your users, and they really like that post. In this case, they will send your post, which includes the address of your site or channel, to their friends, and through this, more people will get to know your job.

By doing so, you can greatly increase your advertising costs in a short period of time and achieve fame in a short period of time, thus achieving a high income.

Can Telegram be used as a marketing tool?

As I mentioned to you some features of this messaging social network, I’m sure you’ve noticed its power in internet marketing. You can minimize your marketing expenses through Telegram. For example, instead of sending your e-mails to your users, you can easily send them the same offers via telegram. You no longer need to pay for an email marketing server. Of course, I do not question the power of e-mail in any way. This is just a suggestion!

To do this, you need to encourage your site users to subscribe to your Telegram channel. You can use the banner of membership in your Telegram channel under all your posts. Or instead of receiving the user’s email in return for a gift, try to put the same gift on your Telegram channel and ask your users to go to your Telegram channel to receive that gift. Or you can drag them to your telegram by receiving discount codes for your products. In general, you need to complete the call buttons or CTAs of your site to subscribe to your Telegram channel.

Conclusion and last word

The bottom line is that with this messaging social network, you can expand your online business in a special way. Because this way you can identify other audiences in your target market and drive them to your business. A person who is a member of Telegram may not be active on other social networks. I know a lot of people who are like that, for example, they have telegrams, but they don’t have Instagram.

Telegram is a tool that many marketers have invested in because, as I said, it can be accessed by many people. But don’t forget that the content you produce on your telegram should be good and engaging, just like the content you produce for your site. After this professional tool, do not neglect your internet marketing and be sure to use it. I hope you have taken full advantage of this article.

Graph of the increase in the use of Telegram as an enterprise

[wpcharts type=”barchart” max=”25″ legend=”false” titles=”The year 2027, The year 2018, The year 2019, The year 2020″ values=”3,8,11,22″]

The chart is based on millions of people