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In increasing the actual Telegram group membership that exists in the idea search system, the groups that are the target community are easily identified in the idea search. Related groups are identified in a wide range. So the search for the groups from which we want to direct members to our own group is done among the nearly one million active telegram groups, which gives them access to a large source of data.
In increasing the actual member that is done in the idea search, the process is completely purposeful and based on the actual member. Therefore, only the increase of members is done from the groups whose members are good customers for your business.
Various parameters are measured in increasing the membership of the IdeaScience system group. Each member is checked to see if they have been active in Telegram in the past week before being added to the group. Added to group if enabled.
Also, after the completion of the purchase process and the increase of the actual Telegram member , detailed reports will be sent, which will ensure that the added people have the necessary quality conditions.

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