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Telegram member from Russia with high quality and reasonable price. This service has high speed and also reasonable price


Whether you are a marketing manager, public relations manager or social media manager in a small, medium or large organization, or an entrepreneur who has started your own start-up business, or even if you have just started your telegram channel based on interest and experience. The solutions you have to increase your Telegram channel membership are more or less the same.

In order to better understand the types of solutions available, I will divide the strategies we can use to increase Telegram channel members into two main categories: introverts and extroverts.

Introverted solutions, which I have adapted from the term Inbound Marketing, are those strategies that attract the audience to you by strengthening the brand and perceived value of your channel.

In contrast, outbound marketing is the equivalent of using external capabilities to increase your channel membership. In the following, I will try to introduce the methods that are classified in each of these two categories of strategy with practical examples.

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