Best Telegram App For Android

Best Telegram app for android is currently the most popular messenger in Iran and definitely on anyone’s phone you can see this app.

This messenger has been able to be on top of the world’s leading messengers in a short period of time, attracting users from all over the world, as you know the telegram has been filtered and made difficult to access in Iran. An unofficial version called Golden Telegram has been released which is also available in Iranian markets and this is not a filtered telegram and you can easily access the telegram.

You Can Get Best Telegram app for android Here :

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Download Latest Version
The latest telegram is the latest version of the Golden Telegram that you can use without any restrictions, as well as the high speed of the program that has raised its fan base.

  • Use very strong servers to speed up
  • See who’s checking your profile
  • Ability to see people close to you
  • Anti-annoying and annoying advertising
  • Reduce your Internet usage by 5 times
  • Reduce battery consumption by up to 5 bar
  • See changing contacts

You can use this telegram app without filters at high speed with this messenger, and this version is completely free

Update : This version is optimized and increases your speed up to several times

FAQs :

what is Telegram Messenger ?
The telegram is the most popular messenger, which in addition to being free is extremely fast and secure

Installation of the latest telegram
This website always comes with the latest version of the telegram and you can easily download and install it

What language does the telegram support?
Officially, the program is available in English, Farsi, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Korean and Portuguese. The list of supported languages is gradually expanding, but people who do not support their preferred languages still do not need to wait for official support because there is support for foreign languages.

How is telegram security?
Compared to many other messaging apps, the telegram is much safer. This is thanks to algorithms based on the MTProto protocol that make security compatible with reliability and fast delivery over poor internet connections. Most importantly, the work to secure the program is an ongoing process.