How to Increase Telegram Security

How to Increase Telegram Security

Training to Increase Telegram Security

Every time we see or hear the word security, we are unknowingly reminded of hackers, but of course we have to remember that not all hackers are bad, and we have good hackers, so-called white hat hackers.

In this article we will try to outline three common ways to improve telegram app security that we often forget to use.

Increasing telegram security may not be a major concern for users of this messaging app, but using the telegram without regard to security concerns can be catastrophic. In this post we will learn how to secure our telegram.

Ways to Increase Telegram Account Security

Hackers don’t always violate your privacy. Some types of hackers specialize in security, some are social activists and some target ordinary people for various reasons.

How to Increase Telegram Security
Telegram Security

Enable two-step login

Two-step logging is a very efficient way to ensure the security of your accounts, you may not know what this method is and if we want to summarize it, in addition to the code that the telegram sends you, a fixed password that you have already set You must enter telegram software before you can sign in to your account.

To enable two-step login, first go to Settings or Setting, then look for Privacy and Security, and after selecting this option, click Two-Step Verification or Two-Step Verification and do the activation steps .

Important: We suggest you set up an email address for times when you forgot your 2-step password, as long as you forget your 2-step password and don’t set up an email, you’ll have no way to sign in and have an account. Erase yourself and all your data will be deleted.

Use Secret Chat with Auto Delete Timer

Secret Chat actually encrypts both incoming and outgoing messages, and no one can hear the information, and you can be sure that your data and chats will not be stolen or intercepted. Profile of the person you want to chat with and then click Start Secret Chat.

In addition to chat chat, there is a feature called chat auto-destructor that you can set a timer for and then delete your chat and that person’s countdown, which can be very convenient.

Security of your Phone & PC

All of the ways we mentioned above were for enhancing the messenger’s internal security, but you should also increase the security of your electronic devices, because if you do all of the above, but your cellphone isn’t high-security, your data is likely to be compromised. Here are some ways to increase mobile and computer security:

  • Password for Phone & PC
  • Uninstalling apps from invalid sources (Installing apps from Google Play and AppStore)
  • Enable Local PassCode for Telegram (enter the password you want to log into Telegram each time)
  • The phone and laptop are personal devices, do not share it with others
  • Using antivirus for phone and computer
  • The three methods we have outlined above have been suggested by the telegram itself, and in fact the telegram has suggested these three methods in tweets.

I hope this tutorial is applicable and always try to keep your privacy from being attacked by hackers.