How To activate Telegram Ghost Mode

How To activate Telegram Ghost Mode and Hide Online Status

Read the messages without anyone noticing

Telegram Ghost Mode And Hide Online Status And Last Seen

Privacy causes many users to hide online in the telegram or in the spirit mode by hiding their last telegram (last visit, a week ago, a month ago, a long time) by keeping it fixed. And no one understands what time he was online last time.

In this case, if you want to operate on the telegram subtly and no one is aware of your online status, fortunately the telegram has the ability to hide your status from others. You can protect your privacy by hiding your number as well as hiding your profile photo.

How to hide when online on the telegram?

If you liked somebody who doesn’t know your friends and acquaintances to be in the telegram, open the telegram and go to Settings then Privacy and Security and tap on Last Seen & online and now you have three options, respectively The following is the meaning of each of them. Select Nobody to hide online mode, but you can also select other modes

Everybody (Show online for everyone)
My Contacts (Show your online presence to your audience)
Nobody (hide your online status from everyone)

How To activate Telegram Ghost Mode and Hide Online Status

Note that by hiding the online mode in the telegram you will not only be able to see the status of the other party and not only be aware of your situation but also you will not be able to see the status of other users, as well as to detect being online in secret. We publish that you can read.

How to be ghost on the telegram?

This feature is available on limited telegrams and you can read people’s messages without realizing them and the second tick doesn’t appear

How to ghost on telegram? This feature is already available in the Telegram Votes which you can download by clicking the link above :‌ Download PicoPlus

After installing and activating the program as shown in the image below, you will become a ghost by clicking on the icon

The job is done and you can now read the messages without anyone noticing


What is ghost mode in telegram?
It’s a situation where you become a ghost in Telegram and you can read messages without anyone noticing.

How to active ghost mode?
This is done in our advanced Telegram, where the download link is placed in the post

The telegram ghost mode is free?
Yes, it is completely free and does not require payment