How to prevent unwanted invitations to Telegram Group?

How to prevent unwanted invitations to Telegram Group?

Remove annoying ads

One of the most common types of Telegram ads is about unintentionally inviting users to different groups and channels. Unfortunately, Telegram is designed in such a way that if your friends have your contact number and communicate with you via Telegram, they can transfer your account to a specific group without the need for your permission (without your consent and information) Add.

Unfortunately, this can be very annoying in some situations. But did you know that you can prevent this from happening by applying certain settings?

Here’s what you can do to prevent unwanted invitations to telegram groups:

  • Run the Telegram application and enter the Settings section.
  • Select Privacy and Security.
  • Select Groups.
  • Selection the Contacts option at the top of the page so that no strangers can add you to the groups.

Note: Download the anti-blocking version of Telegram [Click To Download]

But with the settings you have created so far, only people who are not on your contact list will not be able to invite you to Telegram groups, and still everyone who is on your contact list will be able to do so! To prevent this, do the following:

In the same previous settings’ menu (Privacy and Security section) and after selecting the Contacts option, select the Never Allow option from the bottom of the page.
Now select all your contacts and touch the tick icon in the top right corner of the screen. With these settings, it will be completely impossible to add without your permission, and your audience will no longer be able to add you.