How To Purchase Telegram Member with Visa/MasterCard

We are all aware of the rapid and rapid development of Telegram, and these days people from all over the world are planning to create their own channel or group in Telegram and increase the number of its members.

There are many international payment methods, some of which always have problems with them, and in this article we want to introduce you to the global payment method of Payeer, as well as a video on how to get your Payeer account by Visa or MasterCard. Charge and buy Telegram members.

How Register and to add Funds/Deposit in Payeer Account By Visa/MasterCard:

After recharging your account, you can refer to the products section [Telegram Store] and make your purchase

Telegram is a messenger application that focuses on message transfer speed and security. This app is very simple and free to use. With Telegram you can send photos, videos, text and any type of file. This program allows you to create groups with a maximum capacity of 200 people. You can enter your phone number or search for people by username. In other words, Telegram is a combination of text message and e-mail.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram also supports hashtags and mentions (mentioning a person’s name). If you are looking to increase security, you can go to the program settings and increase security. You can have private conversations and enable spontaneous deletion, as well as set a password for your application.

The Telegram site states that it is a non-commercial application and does not belong to a specific country and can be used by anyone.

Who is behind the telegram? Powell and Nikolai Durov

Telegram is supported by Pavel and Nikolai Durov, two Russian brothers. Powell is the financial and ideological supporter and Nikolai is in charge of technology at Telegram. Nikolai works on open, secure, and efficient protocols across multiple data centers, making Telegram very fast and secure. Although the founders of this program are Russians, their headquarters are in Berlin, Germany.

How do they make money? The Dvorov brothers themselves say they made the program for the people and have no intention of making money from it. They also say they do not accept any commercials and do not intend to sell the program. They even say that they do not intend to sell the shares and that they had enough money to start the telegram, and if they need money, they ask the users to give it to them non-compulsorily. But they have no intention of making money this way.

When was Telegram born? The Telegram Messenger app was first launched for the iPhone on August 14, 2013, and then released the alpha version for Android on October 20, 2013. You can use Telegram on smartphones, tablets, Windows, Windows Phone and Linux. You can also use Telegram on multiple devices at the same time and need only one unique phone number in all of them. You can choose a username for yourself and others can search for your name and find you and send you a message. Even if they do not have your phone number, they can send you a username.

The founders of Telegram consider their program safer than WhatsApp and Line. They say that if you use private chat, your message will be encrypted at the source and destination, and the messages will not be stored in the cloud at all, and will only be available at the source and destination. Of course, these founders probably do not know that messages on WhatsApp are also encrypted in eight ways.

They have high confidence in their work and security and reward anyone who can decrypt encrypted messages with $ 300,000. They say that your internet service provider, no matter what the company, cannot access the content of your message.