In which countries are Telegram blocked?

According to Cibu, When Telegram was designed and launched by two Russian brothers, it has been used as one of the most popular messaging software in most countries of the world. 

But over time, the telegram gradually began to show its negative aspects to the world. As the root of many domestic, international and even family problems created in countries reached the telegram.

In recent months, the use of telegram messengers in many countries has led to many problems. 

Telegram Blocked in Russia, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran

The issue of access to user information of this messenger, storage of user information of this software in various servers, existence and exchange of immoral contents in it and the role of this messenger in creating internal disturbances and problems in countries are among the things that force many countries to close. Or restricted telegrams in their countries. 

Due to the problems caused by Telegram’s activities in countries and in addition to the lack of cooperation of these messengers with several countries, these messengers have been filtered or restricted in many parts of the world, including China, Indonesia and Russia.

After the terrorist attacks in Russia and other countries in the region, it became clear that the terrorist forces were planning and coordinating through the telegram.

For this reason, Russia requested the transfer of some of the messengers’ servers to this country and the possibility of Russia accessing the information of Russian users from Telegram. But Telegram messengers refused to cooperate with the country’s security agencies. 

The Russian government, after the messengers did not cooperate in transferring its servers, threatened to pay heavy fines and block it in order to persuade Telegram to cooperate with it. 

Following this, Russian users’ access to Telegram messengers was restricted for some time.

Now, a few months after Russia insisted on the messengers cooperating with the country’s security services, Russia seems to be frustrated with Telegram’s cooperation and has threatened to filter the messengers.

According to published reports, the Internet Regulatory and Monitoring Agency in Russia will filter and block Telegram messengers as soon as possible if Telegram does not cooperate with the country by submitting a bill to the Moscow Supreme Court. 

Despite the imminent filtering of Telegram in its hometown, there was a possibility of a significant decrease in the number of users of this software, as many of the users of these messengers are Russian. 

Security problems and telegram interruption by almond eyes

China is also one of the countries that filtered telegrams in 1994 for security reasons. 

Filtering the messengers in its own country, the Chinese government said the telegram was an anti-government tool for encrypted conversations between human rights activists. 

It was around July 1996 that Indonesia, another Asian country, began filtering telegrams in its country due to the exchange of suspicious and dangerous information. 

As terrorist attacks in Southeast Asia escalated last year and ISIL terrorists used the messengers, Indonesia blocked the software because it feared it could be used to expedite terrorist propaganda. 

“Because the telegram deals with issues such as extremist propaganda, how to make bombs and carry out terrorist attacks, and because this is in complete conflict with the Indonesian constitution,” the Indonesian communications minister said. , The use of this messenger system is prohibited. 

Despite the problems that Telegram messengers have created so far in different countries of the world and the feeling of danger in many countries from the activities of these messengers, the hope for the useful life of Telegram in the world has diminished and we may have to wait for new messengers.