New algorithm for increase Telegram audience

A New algorithm for increasing the audience of telegram channels is one of the constant concerns of business owners and channels. In this article, we will teach you the trick of increasing 10,000,000 Telegram members in 20 days. We are talking about Telegram member enhancement robots. We introduce and introduce the best membership software. You will learn free and fast ways to increase membership, and you will learn guaranteed methods, which are our many years of experience in the field of social networks.

Increasing your telegram membership is divided into two general categories.
Increase the actual Telegram channel member
Increasing fake and counterfeit Telegram channel members
There are several types of membership enhancements:
Increase membership with purposeful strategies and a lot of patience
Increase Telegram membership by using tools that increase the speed of progress.

Cibu with several years of activity in the field of advertising and managing accounts of various social networks (Telegram | Instagram) write this article and all the experiences of these few years and I want to share with you so that you can also get what you want.

Today, we are going to tell you all the ways to increase your Telegram membership, as well as all the tools that the top Telegram admins use, and we will provide you with a VIP code. Well, I do not have a headache and pain and let’s go to education today.

The trick to increase the Telegram channel member by choosing the right name and ID (new method and private!)

This is the way I want to tell you, it has not been mentioned in any site or channel so far, and you can use this method.

New algorithm for increase member
New algorithm for increase channel and group audience in Telegram

This is how you should choose your channel name and ID so that it has a high search! But how ??!

For example, you have a channel where you put a movie.

Now you need to set your channel name so that everyone who is looking for a movie will find your channel by searching.

Watch this movie and you will fully understand.

You put a name for your channel in the telegram that has a search engine!

What do you mean? :)) (in Berber language) Well, it means that for example you provide services in the field of virtual network services in the channel

 Now the name of your channel should be like this so that others can reach your channel by searching for words in Telegram. (Shopping, Member, Channel, Channel, Member, Members, Telegram, Mobogram, Golden Telegram, etc.)

Now, if your channel has enough members, your channel will be shown to a large audience. Watch the video to understand how a channel draws more than 350,000 people to its own channel in 20 days !!! One thing I have to tell you is that based on my experience and research, I have found that Telegram channels are usually included in this list with three factors. The first and most important thing is that they have more members than other channels of the same name.

The second thing is that they are active and usually have a lot of post channels that are higher than channels that do not post any posts! (Of course, I repeat that factor 1 is more important) And if the above are equal, then the Telegram algorithm shows the channels that have more views and interaction. Increase Telegram membership by adding your contacts (up to two hundred people by each manager)

First of all, Telegram has given you the opportunity to add up to two hundred people for your channel.

How to make the most of this opportunity? You need to get those 200 people you know who are interested in the content of the channel you are going to create. You can also find Telegram groups that are the subject of your Telegram channel (through various means such as your own Telegram search or on Google) and add 200 of its members who are most involved in the discussions to your channel.

Of course, you should keep in mind that if you are a reporter, you can not do this, and in this case you can only add users to your channel who have your number saved.

Learn how to increase Telegram channel members using free sites. There is a great and very, very effective way that many people ignore and do not pay attention to. Attract visitors.

A tremendous and wonderful visit that you will not believe at all. I promise you that you can easily increase the efficiency of your telegram channel by at least 10 times using this method.

This number that I say is not an elk number and I really tested and got it that I say. Sites that you can use, and it will pay off soon, and I will list them for you.

YouTube – watch

increase member trick
Increase channel member tricks

I suggest you use all of them, but if you want to choose from these again, the efficiency you get from YouTube is much higher. The comma site also ranks great in Google, but you have to put good content in it. But this is not the case with YouTube sites, and the post you post (video) is very easily ranked with a little attention to how you title and write.

Below the video, give a small explanation about the video and invite people to subscribe to your Telegram channel or Instagram page for easier and better access to the rest of your videos.

Increase Telegram membership

How to increase membership using proxy and sponsored member training 

There are many channels that gain many members through sponsored membership. Making a sponsored membership requires a complete course and is a specialized job. Stay tuned for the rest of this article to find out what to do about it. Learn how to increase channel membership by placing links in directories Another method that does not take much time from you and you can do very easily is to put the service list in the free directories. Directory refers to sites that are dedicated to placing and advertising telegram channels, and you can easily find these directories with a small search and advertise in them.

Increase membership by placing channel links in Bio Telegram and other social networks

Another way to attract a member is to put the ID of Telegram channel in your accounts so that people can see and those who are interested in your business can become members of your channel.

Also, share your channel ID on your other social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

increase telegram member new
new method to increase telegram users

For me, Instagram greatly improved and transformed one of my channels. Of course, the Instagram page I had been also related to the channel. You can also find similar hashtags and pages in the ads by leaving a comment.

Robot to increase the real member of the Telegram channel When it comes to the Telegram robot, there are two types of beliefs

Some people try to deceive by making robots to increase the number of members and lie that, for example, if you enter a robot, 100 members will be added to the channel per day.

Or bring 10 subsets for a robot and get up to 10,000 free members for free !! I must say that these claims are 99.9 percent false. It is not rational or real for anyone to do this at all! 

So whenever you hear an offer that is unreasonable, do not accept it in any matter!

But it is possible to increase the channel members with a robot, but how?

Many of Telegram’s millions of channels, which were not known at first, used robots to increase their membership, and now earn tens of millions.

For example, the Gillin Channel Gillin came and created a chat robot, and everyone had to be a member of the channel to use this robot. 

Then he did something cool. The robot, whose members reached an acceptable level, locked some of the robot’s features, and in order to use those sections, you must, for example, 10 people enter the robot with the link below your collection, so that you can use those features indefinitely.

So you can also increase your membership very well by using Telegram bots.
But there is a problem, you do not know how to write robots!
Stay with us until the end of this article to tell you what to do.
The best free Telegram member enhancement software (members)

Well, one of the ways to increase the membership, which most of the members that are obtained in this way can be said to be fake, is membership software, which you can get by collecting coins for free. 

Now maybe these members are inactive or many of them are fake or inactive! But again, these members are better than nothing, and my experience has shown that the number of members, even though they are fake, is better than not having them.

It also depends on the topic of your channel whether your fake member is good or bad. For example, there is nothing negative about entertainment channels, even if they have a lot of fake members, and it happens to be good. Why?

Because like all of us, the first thing that catches our attention when we enter a channel is the number of members of those channels. When there are more members, we are more encouraged to become a member of the channel. And in the next stage, if the content is good, we will be interested in that telegram channel, and in the next stage, trust and…. 

All the above programs are available on Miket and you can use them for free.

Limiting 200 people to Telegram channel

Many friends have asked for this and given it, but everyone who says it does is nothing more than a claim and a lie! This restriction is required through Telegram servers and you can not bypass this restriction. That is, as long as this restriction is not circumvented. But if we find a way, I will definitely provide your service so that you can use it. Increase Telegram channel membership with exchanges One of the best ways to increase membership is to use a variety of exchanges. You can use a variety of exchanges and add people to your channel. Stay with us until the end of the article to learn about this.

Increase real telegram membership by producing content

The best and most efficient and lasting methods in any context are the production of attractive and valuable content , which is a very valuable type of membership that is attracted to you. Because those people who have become members of your Telegram channel are completely interested in you and your business.

Create attractive profiles and bios

Perhaps the profile of any telegram channel is the most decisive part, and people see the bio channel and decide whether this channel has valuable and appropriate content for them or not? So you should pay attention to the values ​​that people gain by subscribing to your channel in the bio channel and be sure to take this section seriously.

How to keep channel members interested?

In the end you have to keep members that are hard to come by. This stage of turning members into interested parties is more difficult than increasing the membership and requires valuable content for the audience.

Again, have valuable content. Create enough good content to force the user to stay and get rid of your channel.

It is much more convenient for you to post 1 quality post a day than to post several regular posts . So do not prefer the quality of your channel to quantity.

Advertise and exchange, but do not revolt !!!

Now big channels like Gizmiz would give you a turn for a month later if you order bad ads! The amount of advertisements they give them is too much, but their channels and advertisements do not bother the user, and this is the reason why this channel is high.

So have a strategy for your advertising and exchanges. Do not post too long and too many posts and be sure to use quality photos for every few lines.

At a glance, the user should not see only a series of writings stuck together! Channels should be very concise and useful, and be sure to use quality photos. Interact with your users. Create a poll. Contest and if you have downloadable files, give them as gifts to your users.

Do not be stingy in presenting what you know and give everything you know to your user and really love your users. Then you will see how much trust and money will flow to you.