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Real Telegram Subscribers [Random]

Real Telegram Subscribers [Random]

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✅️️️️ Super Fast Delivery / Safe
✅️️️️  Real Random
✅️️️️ Drop Rate : 30 – 50 % [Read the description]
✅️️️️ 10% Bonus Members
✅️️️️ NO Refill / NO Refund
✅️️️️ Speed: 3-5k per Day
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Real Telegram Subscribers


 ” Currently the most widely used Cibu service is a Force ad real member of the telegram “

Buying a telegram channel members is one of the important issues of telegram channel administration, which is by no means an easy choice, The telegram attracts many people as it grows every day, and they always strive to be better than their competitors and that’s why they’re looking for the best way to grow their channel.

Everyone knows that Telegram is a business accelerator and you should try to attract members in the best way. This is what we specialize in.


Buy Real Telegram Members


Now we have to consider how many ways to add a real member of the telegram?

There are many ways to increase a telegram member such as:

  • Force add Method – Comprehensive method
  • Advertising on the site
  • Channel advertising
  • Sponsored Proxy Ads


Force add Method (Comprehensive method)

This adds is a real-time telegram boost method that if you want to have a million channel is the only way to use it, This method has the advantages and disadvantages of talking about it

Force add is a method that is used by about 99% of sites, but you are not given an explanation and you can only see the word “buy telegram members on their website.


How do people get into the channel at Force add ?

In the Force add method, people who are members of the unofficial telegram are invited to your channel and decide to stay in or out of the channel after being invited.

According to experience, about 20% to 50% of members leave your channel after being invited, Which, of course, depends on the subject of your channel


Does this method increase my channel views ?

Visits to this method increased by 10%, Because these people have not entered the channel of their choice and are only invited. This means that, because they have entered your channel without permission, the maximum number of visits to posts is 10%.


What countries are these people from ?

The people invited are random from all countries but due to their high usage in Asian countries are mostly members of Iran, Iraq and Russia.


Why should we use this method ?

Forces add now has the highest capacity to grow members and is always a very influential channel display business.

If you have in mind a channel with a high number of members you should definitely use this method


real telegram members
force add method for increase channel subscribers


Examples of our clients who use this method

1: @khabarfouri [news – about 4 millions Subscribers]
2: @melobit – [music – about 3.5 millions Subscribers]
3: @Aparat_Tv [Fun – about 3 millions Subscribers]


This is done at a very high speed and of course we can do it at a slow rate

Cibu.io has already expanded its 97 channel to 1 million members and is growing, now serving 2 million and expanding further in the future.

IF You want Stable Member You Can Use this Product :

 Fake Members and Targeted Telegram Member

This method has the highest capacity of telegram member increase

Contact us if you need support before buying via telegram or online support


Update :

  • The new method was added to the real member enhancement service, which doubled the speed
  • Along with the members, you will also receive a free view from us
Real telegram member
buy member for telegram


Recently, the speed has been limited by Telegram, and we can add 5-8K members per day

✔️ Important article : Drop Rate Control

Channel subscribers FAQs:

Which members are better?
100% of real members are better than other members because it affects both the number of members and the activity of the channel.

How many members come out?
Membership withdrawal is directly related to how you manage your Telegram channel and the quality of your content. The stronger the management and the higher the quality of your content, the longer the new and old members will last, but generally between 20 and 50 percent.

How many members visit the posts?
Again, it depends on the management and quality of the Telegram channel, but on average about 3 to 10 percent of the remaining members of the channel.

The reason for the increase in members
One of the most important factors that show the validity of the Telegram channel is the number of channel members, and on the other hand, the activity of the members is very important.

Speed ​​up adding members
The speed of adding members is very high and more than 100,000 members can enter the channel in one day.

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