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There is no doubt that you need advertising to keep your business alive; But what advertising looks like is different. There are different types of ads. From billboards to tracts they give us when crossing sidewalks. From the advertisements around Stadium to the advertisements on the buses and the type of advertisements that are more and more used today, it is internet advertisements and then advertisements on social networks. In this article, we want to deal with advertisements in Telegram and the issue of why Telegram advertisements are the best method of advertising, with the types of Telegram advertisements, the methods of advertisements in Telegram and on what basis they are priced. Also, find out which one is the priority for advertising between the group and the channel, and other things.

To begin, let us first define the problem of advertising on social media . This method is actually a kind of online advertising that focuses on social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, etc. You can promote your business by introducing your brand on one of these networks. In this way, target a number of viewers of that channel, who are in fact your specific audience, and ultimately grow your business.

Why ads on Telegram
Why ads on Telegram

Why ads on Telegram

  • Telegram is currently the most popular social network in Iran.  Needless to say, in recent years Telegram has become the most popular communication program among Iranians.  According to financialtribune.com, 45  million Iranians are Telegram users. Every business can use the Telegram channel to display their products and easily communicate with customers.
  • In traditional advertising, your ad is seen in a small range; But in online advertising, one of the platforms of which is telegram advertising, you can define your brand for millions of people.
  • In telegram advertising, you can easily transfer a post from one group to another or channel to channel for free, while the traditional method has to cost a lot.
  • In telegram advertisements, more attention is paid to quality than quantity. If a large number of posts are posted on a channel, it is likely to cause its members to drop out, so telegram advertisements usually pay more attention to quality. Telegram Shop
  • You can see the best results by using advertisements in Telegram at the lowest cost.
  • Your Telegram ad is usually exposed to viewers 24 hours a day. For example, in this type of advertising, in addition to the fact that many people see your ad during the day, at night, young people who are usually asleep during the day will see your ad if no other advertising method also has a valuable option.
  • Using the statistics you get from telegram ads (such as number of views , clicks, etc.) you can find out which of your ads has received less attention so that you can change it as soon as possible and better than you will know which The ad has received more attention so that you can use its strategy more in the next ads as well.
  • You can make changes to your ad at any time, including text, image, color, etc .; This is for when there is a problem with your ad text and it should be fixed as soon as possible.
  • The most important advantage of Telegram advertising is in targeted advertising based on information gathered

Targeted ads in Telegram

In fact, targeted advertising in Telegram is the best option for advertising. Let me explain more. Today, people publish information in cyberspace. Information such as who they are friends with, what they like, where they go, where they come from, and so on.

You can use this information to send them content that is more in line with their mood and interest. This is why this type of advertising is usually called targeted advertising that is sent based on the characteristics of users.

Telegram Robot

Using Telegram Robot in advertising can have a huge impact on reducing your costs and better managing your team. This tool can easily perform many important tasks automatically, and if you have a brief knowledge of programming knowledge, you can easily set it up. Telegram Robot can help you a lot in sharing content; For example, it can connect to a calendar and share content on your channel according to a planned strategy that you have set. You can also order it to post three posts a day with the specified content on the channel.

Scientifically, a robot can act like a smart newspaper because it can identify which posts are most popular and share similar posts. Depending on the content shared, bots can receive and share content related to any format (photo, video, gif, or even document). The best feature of robots is that due to their 24-hour activity, they can easily replace employees whose job is only to reach the affairs of customers. They can easily do this without the need for the slightest supervision.

Advertising on the Telegram channel or group?
Advertising on the Telegram channel or group?

Advertising on the Telegram channel or group?

You can advertise on both channels and groups; But which one is better depends on your goal. If you are looking to attract an audience that follows your posts or visits your website, the channel is a better option; But if you want and can talk to your audience and answer their questions and get instant feedback, groups are a better option. In general, it is better to use both.

Types of telegram advertisements

There are different types of advertisements in Telegram, each of which can have a different cost. Below we introduce these methods.


Below each post (from ads or channel posts) you will see an eye-shaped shape and next to it is a number that indicates the number of people who have viewed this post. In ads in terms of view, it is necessary to specify the ad view. View counting happens in two ways:

  1. Customer request 1 million views on their banner ad. In this case, all channels forward a common banner.
  2. The customer will request 1 million views on the total channel views. In this case, each channel takes a screenshot of the promotional post view in its channel and sends.

Compare the two modes

The cost of mode 1 advertising is more than mode 2 . In case 1 there is no view overlap; But mode 2 is a view overlap. This means that the banner has been seen by some people two or more times, which means that these repetitive visits are considered for a person in mode 2 ; But in case 1, only one visit is considered for each person.

For example, the view that the common banner across all channels placed K 300 is (Post by 300 thousand people have been seen), but all shots were dead channel 340 K ‘s. The number of 300,000 views below the banner shows 300,000 unique people; But the number 340 ka, which is the basis for payment to channels, does not indicate 340 thousand unique individuals. This is because at the end of the ad we see that the view given to the banner is less than the view given to the total number of shots. You can visit the page to find out how much it costs .


If you have a channel for your business and you want to grow your channel, you can do this through advertising. You advertise your channel to many people and the cost calculation will be based only on the people who have joined your channel.


This mode is the same as the previous mode and is used for applications that can be installed on smartphones.


Another type of telegram advertising method is click advertising. In this method, the cost calculation will be done only based on the clicks on your link. As a result, the efficiency of the ad increases.


Another method of advertising in Telegram is fixed and hourly advertising. In this type of ad, the relevant post is displayed on the channels for, say, 12 hours , until the time you specify .

Features of a good ad
Features of a good ad

Features of a good ad

Maybe somewhere in your subconscious you think that the more you spend on your advertising, the better your results will be, and this is completely wrong. A good ad should balance all aspects such as design, content, automation and budget. A good advertisement should be done under the supervision of a responsible person. This person must identify and review all the required criteria, must receive the necessary budget, make the necessary arrangements with the advertiser and make the necessary changes, to increase telegram visits and improve audience participation to the maximum of their knowledge and ability. Take advantage and update it regularly in case of constant advertisements in Telegram.

Also, a suitable advertisement in Telegram should not have more than 500 characters; Because in this case, the probability that the viewer does not pay attention to it increases.

Types of advertising posts in Telegram


A banner can be a photo, video, installation file, or glass banner. Each of these can be accompanied by a text.  


A replay, also called a rip, is a text without a picture, and so on. Replay is usually the basis of the channel view counter and payment to them. Only replay advertising is less expensive and less efficient than other modes.


Ads are usually cibu in a combination of both banner and replay on the channels. The banner and replay may be a single order or two different orders. Banner and replay ads are more efficient than single banner ads.

Invisible sticker:

As mentioned, replay is the basis for counting channel views and paying for them. So if we do not want to use the replay with the banner, we can bring a sticker immediately after the banner that the sticker itself is invisible and only its view is displayed.

Advertising post returns

Whether the ad is in the form of free postage ads or  postage restricted ads has different returns. The highest return is when the ad is the last post on the Telegram channel, and the more posts followed, the lower the return. These advertising modes are listed below.

Free post ads:  In this style of advertising, the Telegram channel admin is allowed to post as many posts as he wants after inserting the ad.

Post-Restricted Ads:  In this style of channel advertising, it is allowed to place a certain number of advertising posts after inserting the ad. For example, in advertisements with a limit of 5 channels, the channel has the right to place 4 more advertisements in its channel after inserting the advertisement . In case of inserting more channels, the channel should resell the ad; That means re-inserting the ad into your channel. The lower the number of posts, the higher the advertising efficiency. (In counting posts, for example, a banner and its related reply, a post is calculated)

Last post ad:  In this ad, after posting the ad, no post is inserted and the ad post is placed as the last channel post. This type of advertising is the most expensive type of telegram advertising and is suitable for organizations that have no cost restrictions. The best time for this type of advertising is night to morning, when the channels do not intend to post on their channel. See the exact cost of advertising on the Telegram Advertising Tariff page.

About a year and a half ago, we thought that social media was just for connecting with friends and acquaintances. It remains to be seen whether new friends could be found in this space; But time has changed our view of the field. I can not imagine the world today without social networks. There are many people in the world of social media, especially telegrams, who have similar experiences; But the question is how to make money from social networks ?! Each of us spends a lot of time on social media, but did you know that you can make significant money from this time period ?!
As for the ways of generating income on social networks, especially Telegram, which has received the most attention among Iranian users .

Post an ad on the Telegram channel

If you are a successful manager in Telegram, you can definitely make a significant profit from the ads you post on your channel; But it should be noted that managing the Telegram channel is by no means an easy task. This management takes 24 hours a day. If you can not grow your channel, your channel will die in a short time! And death means the end of income generation! There are no books or articles to gain managerial knowledge in Telegram, only experience that will help you. You can buy a small channel and try to manage it. If you succeed in this, buy a bigger channel. You can also enlarge a channel from scratch (not highly recommended as you will have to spend a lot of money to grow the channel)

Buy and sell Telegram channel:

In Telegram, you can earn money by identifying buying and selling opportunities. Also, if you are a good manager, you can grow a channel and then sell it

Sales of products and services

If you work in a specific field, you can sell your products by creating a channel. Experiences of friends show that the efficiency of product sales in telegram channels is much higher than other sales methods.Do you have a telegram channel and are you looking for an advertisement for it? The secret is with you with one click.

Why  get help from the secret advertising collection ?

Advertising in Telegram requires processes and expertise that we suggest to you, if you do not have expertise in this field from reputable companies that provide Telegram advertising services . You can get help from promotional collection  ; Because: advertising collection , using its experts, manages the telegram channels that display advertisements and takes the relevant matters without any problems.

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