Increase Telegram Members – 20 Golden Step

Increase Telegram Members

20 Golden Step To increase telegram members

The Best Free Techniques for Increasing Telegram Membership

How to increase telegram members? Today we have a training for you to increase your telegram members easy as pie which contains all tricks to increase telegram members.

Training increasing telegram members:

There’s no doubt that telegram is one of the best virtual networks around the world and it has the third ranking place in Iran in terms of users, so that more than 40 million installation were made.

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Increase Telegram Members easy as pie
How to Increase Telegram Members?

There are several ways to increase channel membership, some of which you can use easily and for free with the tricks we are talking about here, but some of them can be done for a fee (such as buying ads from popular channels) In any case, we will deal with all the sections.

By extension of telegram, a lot of telegram channels were made and little by little money making from telegram become a way of earning money that nowadays thousands of people earn money in telegram.

It’s interesting to know that thousands of people earn several million in telegram! But what standards are important to have an excellent income? Well, maybe you can guess it. Targeted and read member is one of the best standards to boost a channel. The more members, the more income, reliability, etc.

But the basic and important question is that:

How to increase our channel members ?

Training to increasing telegram members: If we want to increase real telegram members, we have to be creative and if we want to accelerate we need money! It doesn’t mean that you can earn a lot of money in telegram without spending money because based on experiences and statistics and information on telegram incomes in Iran, it’s wrong and illogical.

increase telegram members with 14 tricks

Training to increase telegram members with 13 tricks

So for increasing real telegram channel members, first you should be patient and you should do all the things that we teach you to be successful.

1. Take the basic rules seriously

It’s very important to have a specific and beautiful profile picture for your telegram channel and also you have to write good information for your channel and specify the goals that you have by creating this channel.

If your goal is to earn money from a telegram, you should find an excellent idea. Don’t hurry in creating the channel. Finally, write the address of your channel short, beautiful and relevant.

2. Start with your friends

As you know at the beginning, attracting people is more difficult because you have no member and someone visits your channel and understands that you don’t have a lot of members, he/she leaves your channel immediately, so it’s better to start with your friends and add them to your channel.

3. At first start with a few fake members. 

There are different ways for making fake members, like membership exchange software in telegram channels. At the beginning you can add 500 fake members to your channel(I mean interact)  but don’t add more than it. 

4. Create a weblog and share your link

In order to understand better, I’ll give you an example. Suppose that your channel is about buying telegram members,  so now you should visit some web maker weblogs like rise blog or other blogs and create a weblog and after creating your weblog, post a text about your channel in it. For example: membership for buying telegram members’ channel link. Then explain about your channel briefly and share your channel link. 

increase telegram members
best way for increase telegram members

If somebody googles, a channel for buying telegram members, you might be one of the results (it depends on the difficulty of the word and some other factors)

5. Use websites which are for introducing telegram channels. 

If you are bored with making a web, there will be a better way in front of you. You can only Google: introducing telegram channels. The best sites in this area are my website channel database, and if you search you can use them. 

6. Social networking arr a good way to increase your real telegram members. 

Pay attention that you should advertise in social networking correctly to attract a lot of members. For example if your channel is about animal pictures, it’s enough to search #animal_pictures on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. and then write a comment under each one that you have a channel about animals, if you like, you can join to my channel.

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7. Don’t forget telegram groups and supergroups

It’s better to be active in related Telegram groups to attract more members, but the problem is that if you advertise in a group it will be deleted or you will be fired(by robots), so listen to our creative way now. 

Name your profile: look at my profile! 

Then put your telegram channel address and other information on your profile. This is one of the best ways to increase telegram members. I myself attract a lot of members with this method. 

8. Exchange with similar channels

To find channels similar to yours, use the sites that we’ve already mentioned (my channels, etc.) In those sites find similar channels to yours and send a message to their admins and talk about interaction. 

It’s not necessary to find a very same channel. For example if you have a channel about dress, you can interact with a channel about scarf.

9. Hold challenges and competitions

This is another excellent way to increase telegram channel members. Again example, suppose your channel is about mobile phones, want your users to send a photo of their phones and put them in your channel, the picture whose views are higher than the others is the winner and say $500 as a prize for the winner. In this method you can earn 10 times that $500. 

10. Use original posts and pictures

It’s very important not to copy your posts and if you write your channel address in a corner of your photos, it can have a good effect to become a brand and attract a lot of members.

11. User interaction with channel to content production

This is a good way to keep members satisfied and interact with them. Send your ID in your channel and say to your users that if they have a post about the channel, they send it to you to use it in your channel. 

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12. Use telegram hashtags 

It helps your members to search about their favorite topics and find them easily, so it causes satisfaction of your members and also increases the number of members. 

13. Think yourself and be creative

These 13 ways are very useful but you have to think yourself and be creative and tell yourself how can I increase my telegram channel members? Maybe you find a new and wonderful method, because all of these 11 ways are created by telegram channel admins.

14. Create interaction!

Try to interact with your audience through various tasks such as creating polls, asking questions, creating challenges, etc. so that people know you. People are much easier to befriend with a person and his personality and attitude than with a cold and soulless channel in the telegram. So be sure to think about creating interaction. In addition to enhancing your membership, interaction can make your members loyal

But the most important thing to know is

How to keep my telegram channel members? 

How to keep my telegram channel members?

More important than increasing your members is keeping them! Pay attention that the first thing to do is keeping your current members satisfied then to add new members. There should be no decreasing in number of members in your channel. It means that your members are not satisfied and you add them aimlessly, so remember these points to keep your telegram members.

1. You make your members furious by too much advertising.

Please pay attention that your only goal of creating a channel is not business, you should enjoy with your members and make it profitable in a way that they don’t feel bad. It means that you shouldn’t have more than 2 to 5 ads in a day. 

2. Beside your ads send good posts. 

This is another interesting way. For example before posting somebody’s ad, prepare a good post then immediately send the ad and then your post below it. It makes people not to be unsatisfied and as a result it causes improvement in your channel. 

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3. post in proper time and of course on time. 

Try to post on specific time, e.g. every day at 6:00 p.m or on even days at 12:00 p.m. Generally you have to have specific time and it shouldn’t be early morning or late night because some of your members didn’t turn off their notification, so.. Generally it is very important to increase telegram members.

4. Don’t post less or more than enough

Pay attention to this point. You shouldn’t post more than 20 in a day, your members become bored, and you shouldn’t post once a week. Generally at least one and maximum 10 to 15 post a day is good. 

5. Don’t write long posts, telegram isn’t a book. 

Although it depends on your channel, your post shouldn’t be too long. The shorter, the better. Suppose that you are on Twitter, so use the best and effective words in a short post. 

6. Two wonderful posts are better than 10 bad ones

You should pay attention a lot to this point and you should know that quality is more profitable than quantity in every condition, so try to post wonderful ones not to have a lot of daily posts that are aimless and awful. 

7. Post a poll and be the King if interaction 

This is very valuable. If your channel is about music, post a poll and ask: “dear friends, which kind of music do you like the most? ” By this you can understand your addressee’s interests or you can put a “like” button under each post.

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